The hot sands

by Ewcyna

Day dawned sunny and fortunately has remained so. It was time to finally move and some popedałować. Unfortunately, Kagoshima, seaside resort, which is famous for bathing in the hot sand, and many hot springs ran only one, Tiny, almost snatched from the sea route. The views were spectacular, but what of it, the whole time we were driving next to cars. Fortunately, at the end of the day I noticed the unmarked road to the coast reflecting – zaryzykowalyśmy turn and it was a hit. So it can go - peace, widoczki.. Well, a great Place for accommodation, which was still closed at this time rokukemping. It's, that closed, but słubży kosiły pot cleaning brushes and waved.

Maintaining law and order in Japan seems to be a priority. Wherever you are, encountered singly CLEANING SPECIAL TROOPS, or in groups - mostly the latter. These people are dressed in uniforms resembling often an environmental service or what to call it, White anyway, Facial masks are most. As half of the Japanese society, moreover,. I have a feeling, although finding a small piece of paper or other dirt is for them a matter of life or death. Yesterday morning I noticed a picture: you (note!) in the first suit was washing his car in front of the establishment. He then proceeded to pour the water hose and wash plant building ... in the end it Monday morning and you can start working in a dirty house. In fact, I was so sure, with directs the water hose on each other, but I think in the morning took a shower at home, I did not do it. A shame, She wondered how it might look.

Another issue is the quantity and quality of local toilets. There are so many and they are so clean, they do not keep up with all the benefit. In one of them, even I decided to spend the night.

Zocha while dziwuje over gait Japanese and can not survive. Just ciurają they mercilessly down on the ground and has been sustained way too big shoes, which bear. Zocha found, that to them all sent immediately to the orthopedic. And from what I know the Japanese are going find it very cool and charming (kawaii). ok, apparently also as a sign of beauty think crooked teeth. Do not know, if this did not take the cost of a visit to the dentist. In any event,, having crooked teeth is a beautiful.

I have about food. The food is very reasonably priced (!), generally tasty and available everywhere. It is true that cook their rice bowls certainly cheaper wyszłoby, but We decided, with when it comes to feed per day for 25-35 golden max is not going to fool around with cooking. In the shops there are plenty of dinner sets, which can be heat, though not always know, which contain. In fact, we rarely. And as we do not know, you have to try. Therefore, always try to do, and now we reached the conclusion after a week stay, however, you need to be limited because it is not considered to come back from a trip cycling utytym.

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