Cudze chwalicie.. the Kłodzko valley and Table mountains, Poland

by Ewcyna

Table Mountains

No, in this temperature 36 of 36 degrees it is impossible to stay in a city like Warsaw.. well, , It is not too comfy to sit on the saddle neither, but stil it is better. .
My dear friend Magda, although very fond of cycling , but wanted to try long-cycling adventure on fully-loaded bike. Proud of her, already after two days of cycling she looked very proffessional with a towel getting dry on the bike....
We were supposed to ride along from the Kłodzko Valley to Beskid mountains, but were attacked by the number of nature and architecture treasures.. Castle in Książ, Table Mountains, Chapel of Skulls in Czermna, SPAs. like Kudowa, Duszniki, Polanica, Lądek.. We stayed for the whole week. fantastic region!
You praise foreign dear colleague, you do not know what you have.. … his indent do not know.

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Jurek S. 28 August 2019 - 20:01

This is what it is all about


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