Balkans - hospitality, history and a sip of rakiya

by Ewcyna

Unfortunately I can not accompany you today, I'll be doing all day rakija said Vesna, which I took in my house in Novi Sad in Serbia (adding, I can stay with her as I want). As of today, I will not do it all damn - She added, pointing to a barrel with apple mash.

But it's a very interesting experience, see what's going on local bimberek - I thought to myself. Lest there - develops quite legally. Brandy and wine makes in every second home and these rates napitki also can buy everywhere - just, I pass daily roadside advertising. I watched therefore this complicated for me a distillation process, Vesna who had one finger.


A sip of brandy before breakfast is a habit Serbian, spróbujesfrom? said Srdjan. But, what, drink so early? I could not believe. Yes, in the morning and before lunch and dinner too - He added with a laugh. And although hard for me to swallow alcohol came on a good day it was a pretty good gruszkówka. But I must admit, że chłodnymi wieczorami wchodzi mi dużo lepiej 🙂

There is no more sincere people than the people of Bosnia, you will see - Said Aleksandar, positively curled Serb, bicycle shop owner in Sabac.


According to this maxim on the first day in this country a group of teenagers sent my way a few stones from the field przyszkolnego. Since it was evening and I looked around for an overnight I decided not to look at more just I installed the only one in the area a roadside motel, to which, moreover, I could not afford more. It is difficult to. But so seriously - action that qualified in the category excesses of adolescence and certainly on the basis of this behavior I'm not going to generalize about the public.

I mean, even now I'm sitting at home in Sarajevo Jelena, which I not even had a chance to meet because she lives abroad, but who offered me his room. Her sister fantastic homemade specialties feeds me and I dig in as much as possible and do not even know how I could repay you for it.

Word of mouth has many faces, but now I can also say something about the post pantoflowo-fejsbukowej I say something slightly.

Dear friends, It is the issue. There is a certain Polka, who travels by bicycle as I did and soon will pass through Serbia and Bosnia for Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar towards the Adriatic. Usually sleeps in a tent, but because the nights are already cold maybe some of you will be able to hug her under his roof at night? She wrote on her profile fejsbukowym Snezjana, Serb, which is a known local traveler, cycling and writer. From 4 years by.

So it started. Within a few hours I received a lot of calls, and though eager to skorzystałabym from all this with regret I had to accept only those, which coincided with my route. During my travels here and there many times I was harboring under roofs, This was the first such action organized with premeditation and with a virtual friend.

At this point I wanted to stress again, that traveling by bike because I like and not for acquiring the next imaginary badges. Badge "entered the 5600 meters above sea level and spent the night on the pass in hand-built igloo "I am not interested, provided that such action does not just make me pleasure. While that does not make. For this reason,, although he never did before, I turned to Snezjany for help. And thanks in Serbia some in Bosnia have almost every roof over your head no and often large dish on the table in front of his nose. And most of all thanks I can talk to people about life in this beautiful, but as we know the place a turbulent and tragic, especially in recent times, history.

Tita was for us well, Milan said in Belgrade. Yugoslavia was a strong country, meant something. We did not have too many, poverty but it was not. With the passport I could have gone almost anywhere. Now, barely we weave, and every year it gets worse. In the world we mean next to nothing, and the Serb did not associate well.

A similar opinion was heard repeatedly.

It does not interest me, religion and skin color. The only thing that interests me is that there was peace and I had a job says a resident of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unemployment is over 50% and among young people more. We do not have any prospects. Politicians only fueled nationalist trends are not dealing with anything, which could help people live. Nationality and religion is a key issue. The Balkans are still a ticking time bomb.

She was several years as the war began and was in Sarajevo throughout the 3-year siege of the city. I can not imagine going to school under fire from snipers. The so-called smuggling food. "Tunnel life". I walk the streets of this fascinating, multicultural, beautifully situated on the hills watching, I speak, I read, listen, I try to understand, what happened here and what's going on, but it is simply difficult. Even the fact, that within Bosnia and Herzegovina three separate autonomous units: The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska (not to be confused with Serbia) and the District of Brcko. Each has its own president, terms change every 8 Months. O People!


I am glad, however, very, przywiały that winds me right here.

He also knew, that rode on the flat terrain of Vojvodina is over and the day will come face the mountains, but a little overestimated their strength, which have not lived up to intentions. 25 km podjazdo-popychu it took me all day and I barely kept on their feet. Then wzjazdy and conventions have already been alternately. A little bit already forgotten these climates, who accompanied me even through 4 Month in Chianach.

Ale nic to! Mountains always return the favor for their efforts beauty. Well, and in this year, because winter decided here not yet look, sun travels with me, daytime temperatures reach 20 degrees and Beautifully!


Time to go. To the Adriatic less than 200 km 🙂

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8 comments 13 November 2015 - 15:21

I wanted to write, that I found your blog by accident trying to find something about China,where I currently live and so I liked your blog!, I read it from the beginning and now I follow your journey.

Ewcyna 14 November 2015 - 11:37

Oh, how nice to meet you, thanks for cheering!
And that's something you found on Chianach ..?

I'm shooting up to date as much as possible on fejsubku – I invite..

Jan Zderkiewicz 15 November 2015 - 06:18

Eve admire your trip and very mention Crotosowe wojaże.Ewa hold on!,as I hyknie that is,rakiję.Bardzo you drink you greet. Janek Hrubieszowa

Ewcyna 20 November 2015 - 12:21

Janeczku, and I thought, że o mnie zapomniałeś 🙂 Ja tez zawsze miło wspominam Crotosowe wojaże, but now as you know I go own way. ps. I think you several times last hykło.. 😉

Robert 16 November 2015 - 13:31

An interesting and frightening but your short report from the Balkans: stoking nationalist sentiments, unemployment, traumatic memories and the, still ticking, bomb. Complicated and impossible to grasp.
Picture of young men throwing stones at you says a lot about society, his moral fitness, about emotions, which lives. Despite, it's just a bunch of young men niewyżytych, it would be difficult for such “prank” in many other countries. This scene fits a resident of Sarajevo faiths.
How well it happens, that at the end are warm, Autumn mountains with their beauty and timeless majesty may be inclined to reflect on the impermanence of interpersonal complexities.
The heat of the weather and from human continue screwing!

zofia 19 November 2015 - 20:51

Regards already out of the house, my Cuban adventure is over, but I put on the blog entries until now, because in Cuba the Internet is a big problem, So I gave. It was great, and with you too interesting, What makes me happy. Now I look more often. I wish forecast

Ewcyna 20 November 2015 - 12:28

Zosia, This already came back.. has just lately I wondered..
Eh, when I was in Cuba I get! Weather on the Adriatic slightly kiepści, but it is better than the UK..

Mira Boat 21 November 2015 - 09:55

Eve,I report, that already ( or just) I'm with you. Relations with the Balkans are very important to me, because I really do not know enough about the region. Same relationship there is material for a separate book. And touching the warmth of the people. Good luck.


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