Entertaining southern Burma

by Ewcyna

I have to admit, the south-eastern regions of Myanmar have proven to be perhaps the most interesting geographical region, which arrived after traveling the country – and for this there is a few attractions-guide. Kayin state region is a charming pagóreki, after the August nice pedałowało. In the vicinity of Hpa-An or about 200 km before the border with Thailand terrain became flat, but appeared on the horizon interesting rock formations and mountains on my eye karst. Every day I had something to explore – and is the largest lying Buddha in Burma, which itself is stretched to the length 90 probably meters in Bago, and the famous rock Golden Rock, a sacred place of pilgrimage and a must tour… Extremely interesting cave Kawgon around Hpa-An, where there are hundreds of statues of Buddha 7 century.
Buddhas here as Ant, but these specimens were truly exceptional.

Well, a to, I did every day from over 100 miles is another story.
In terms of accommodation – I could also spend the night in the bush again (because the hotel demanded 35 USD cramps). Even the evening I had “tail”, but somehow I managed to lose him. I turned to neither forest nor a growing – nicked some trees festooned gutters which skapywało something.. (rubber trees as it turned out) and of myself like this and Lolek in the Wild West violated by Robin Hood in the forest bushes sat thinking to myself if you can find me here or not.. i ilez ja to mam lat, teeth to play in such Pocahontas..

Well, they found! But not far from an undercover cop. Over the regulated 5.20 (previously they could not?) that is, an hour before dawn, he heard voices and someone started to go inside in my direction. At the sight of the voices faded tent – but nothing happened, Steps have passed. After half an hour zabrzmiay again and by my spoakowanego longer than a few employees lair growing. We said “good day” i o 6tej tj. 50 minutes before dawn, I was already on the bike.
Zocha nie uwierzy 🙂

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PiotrK 28 February 2014 - 10:09

Is it after these mountains, which so romantic you look you gave advice to squeeze 100km?

ewcyna 28 February 2014 - 17:14

Peter – yes and no. The previous day squeezed pond 100 km on pagóreckach, but the entrance to the top of the Golden Rock was not possible – road is not suitable (surprise, surprise!). Allow you to get to a certain point and the last kilometers overcomes trucks, which floats are attached benches. The road was so hardcore, that some of the people weakened or vomiting, I sometimes closed my eyes and I knew, what awaits me it probably would not have got in. Former road so steep, it is difficult to believe how these cars with us dropped – but it looks like, the specially adapted.
But do not lose faith in me, now it's just a hill waiting for me!

with 18 July 2016 - 19:27

Hey, I'm doing just partially similar route and I have a question about accommodation in Bago and somewhere in the neighborhood of Golden Rock, you remember, whether there were any cheap guesthose'y? Because the Internet is silent on this issue and therefore I do not know, or enter into villages, or look for accommodation in a monastery at a reasonable distance from the city, so I do not accidentally towed to the hotel (We have a one night stay at the monastery for them and I even did not bother them, że jestem dziewczyną 🙂 ).
And in general blog and I congratulate themselves also travel!

Ewcyna 19 July 2016 - 05:36

Hi Ula, thanks for the nice words.
Yep, Bago were certainly two guesthousy, I slept in one for probably 13 USD room, there were a lot of foreigners because it was listed in the Lonely Planet guide. And near the Golden Rock in the city from which it rode up trucks drive 4 round (impressions brick, my neighbor sick) also a few places so cool. On site you will find.
Co do monaastyrów o spania ta to tak, it is now possible to know, but then after the first refusal odpusiłam not wanting anyone to make trouble, that Burma could end up very badly for the host. Remember this and a successful trip.

Depopulated capital Naypyidaw | Ewcyna 6 February 2021 - 19:47

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