by Ewcyna


I collect a long time, Before execute the daily movement. I pass through the frame leg and try to push as, that for the first time to sit on the saddle and not fall back on their feet. Do not I get on the bike and I take long-term action leading to budge. You have to consider when becoming, fall more to the left side. Cholera takes the dog jump out if someone brakes sudden movements are highly undesirable. were. Get up remembering, not to break suddenly just turn first to one side. Panniers move one after the other, taking each individual not at once with both hands, then it is tolerably. Get up slowly straightening your knees. The doctor ordered to use its skeleton as long as possible, exchange part for end. Gosh, I hope, with this is not the last resort. Woman's case the doctor ordered another check for half a year. How bad it will be again this you will need to seriously address, said, and find all the research years ago too. Because it is not with these matters, Mrs, śmichy-chichy. Half a year has passed, time again to visit your doctor.

January, the multiplicity of the world time to return to everyday life. His life and his unwisdom – drilled a hole in my stomach to go on. Because it interesting, It may be more difficult, but interesting. Think about it, to stop and stay somewhere longer in this or other purposes is not new. All the time I planned to drive somewhere the sun is shining and stop at some of the "little" without defining.

You had time, to understand, it's a great coincidence, it is here in Athens place for me, it is a cat and apartment of caring in the absence of the owner, that the years to Polish cheap Ryanair and it will be easier for those 100 PLN fly and things settle,, from doctors to see things tudzież, what I also spoiled, ponaprawiać. And that it is a dishonor not. And that this time now, when I sleep, how much does he want, enjoy almost daily on the Greek land of sun, look at the blue sky and the sea, I write because I finally have time, make a normal dinner and fry his chops, the lady in the grocery store that already recognize me and 'last but not least "- to play with the mischievous cat, it is also a "quality time" – time, which as it is also a valuable.

I take my bike and I move for a few days on the road ventilate your head and think. The January sun but not scorching, but beautifully lit.. Joy!


Direction - Peloponnese. Although I am not a fan of watching the ancient ruins and so far in the journey they skirted I would like to see theater in Epidaurus, rapid, re-visit undefeated.

Departure from Athens takes the whole day and loops for good near Corinth. Legendary daughters back there, it is not these days unless. It is, however legendary channel, Corinthian, moreover, is called. Apparently, it already had plans to dig but already Nero was realized in the late nineteenth century. More than 6 km in length, 21 meters wide and 8 meters deep, height of the walls is almost 80 meters separates the Peloponnese from the mainland of Greece - as if it were simply channel, but such a narrow dug a big hole in the ground filled with water impresses me and I go back there kikakrotnie. The edges of the links 6 bridges, and the two extremes are drawbridges - what this means, I completely submerged under water, to pass the vessel. I find myself a seat for the night in a foul Vacancy of the former restaurant. Here a little dirty, this is true, trash heap, but quietly and view great and I did not blow in the evening, at night and in the morning I am accompanied by a performance descent and ascent wooden bridge. They accompany me also three local dogs, not entirely surprised by the presence of foreign, They do not bark, They not growl and wag their tails and carefully revolve around my lair. May they always meet such friendly quadrupeds.




On the island of Salamina noise fades, blue attacks from the sky and water, rarely appears in people greet.


In the evening, I find a seat dream of accommodation on the coast near the church.


I talk with the local, confirms, no problem, You can sleep. After an hour, however, it is not so rosy - the local guys came of age "that's all I can", quite by chance also sit three meters from the tent as if there was no room elsewhere and let go the music at full volume. Not much later joins the next few, then the evening repertoire also includes a few fancy phrases and proposals translated to date by google translator. They come out of this, unfortunately, quite understandably nonsense. I know, that provoke me, but after 15 minutes of listening to, what they did to me and to the THINKING, that in Japan it would not happen, I leave the tent.

Society is sinking, is only three bachelors - one adds his breezy cigarette in his teeth, second poking in the cell, third wgapia a deep water depths.

Hi, that you wanted to sleep with me? Feel free to tent - What to hide, I am furious

The boy innocently points to the dying in the darkness colleague. I do not know anything, he shouted!

ok. Hi, Companies! You want me to lick this and that, if I understood correctly? Feel invited to join me! Where are you going? You no longer want?

Well well. This also never Reflects. Really. I'm so ugly?

Honestly, not smiling I look for another place in the dark, but I see the light in a room near the church, previously there were none. I'm going. Several elderly people watch TV. Of a village community room.

Kalispera, good evening. I set up his tent near the church here, I sleep and in the morning go, well?

Nobody has anything against.

Only, whether there is safe, you know, These young men over there.. i do not.. me a little offend.

Wait a second, exchange of words between the generations and the older man taps me on the shoulder - do not be afraid, sleep peacefully, nothing will happen.

The guys disappear as if he vanished in the fog. Heroes of the Goat Wolka, cholera jasna. Heroes.

Though I move eagerly towards the Peloponnese but my plans to regulate - what else - a mountain range and rainy weather, but even though I know I need to change route, that I would love to come back and find yourself calmly ride. And now even this less than a week on the road and so I did the right thing.

Therefore I am, here and now, at the Athenian coastal periphery, Alimos. Sometimes I ride the coast road a few kilometers to Kavouri, where on a green cape earth meets the sky, cars do not howl and the beach this time of year it is empty even though the sun shines more and more.


Sometimes I go for a walk on the rocks, a kilometer from the house and look, as Athens greedily devouring every piece of land from the nearby hills, climbing higher and higher. On the other hand, the sea stretches to the horizon. Not only do I like to come here.





I got to the center several kilometers. It reigns over the district of Plaka Acropolis. I sit on the stairs, tear pieces of fresh bread and a sip of milk. My daily Greek diet is bread and milk.

I like Greek bread. White, light and certainly less healthy wheat bread with a thick crunchy crust. The saleswoman at the bakery already knows what I like - the most parched, because only such appeals to me brown color. In the standing rice and noodles Asia, where bread actually was probably the most I missed bread. I'm sitting so and tear the bread, I find myself full of indifference looks from passers, even though some were less inert and hit even one smile! I play a guessing nationalities. that's, British group now goes. I bet, with the inhabitants Islands. Crooked caps, bladoróżowa cera, slightly dark circles under his eyes after the madness last night as a odmyślam, and, above all, a T-shirt - which had a temperature of not to in the end Greece so such standards are valid clothes. It's, with a few days ago it was around zero and snowing. The young men come to the pub pat on the back by a tout, but will 30 seconds talks are already very good friends. Best friends ever.


Couple sitting at a table with Japan. You do not even have to hear the language and know, it was the Japanese. The girl in a fancy hat with a brim ends undulating eat souvlaki or the local shashliks, boy rather high for Japanese, viewing pictures on your camera. This tendency mostly young Japanese women and Chinese women to wear hats is by European standards and quite extravagant fashion, but cool. Unfortunately, with age ladies hats kapelutkami replace - such a small funny thing, without which Japanese does not go to the street. But this girl has a beautiful hat.

Soon I will be in Poland, maybe in a month will succeed despatch, hard to say. Bicycle and rubbish are in Athens. I will be in several places to break the innate shyness to talk about the places visited - February Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gryfino, March Katowice, Cracow.. may Gdynia – so I came up, for a change. If you want Take a look, listen, Come later – I'll be really nice. O meetings to inform here and the date on fejsbuku - you need to click on the icon next to the (no need to have an account fejsbukowego).

Where are you, Ewa? What is your next destination? Where are you? Where are you going? asks constantly Aman, fejsbukowy my Hindu friend, so how many of you but still it write, with Greece.

This is not all about my next destination, mister.

Next geographic point on the route is not everything, my friend.

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Stanislaw 31 January 2016 - 17:57

Welcome globtroterko. .. read your texts as always great .. . and I had secretly hoped, I'll see you this year in March at Colossae in Gdynia. . ..

Ewcyna 31 January 2016 - 18:09

Welcome Stanisław, a kto mnie tam i te Kolosy wie?

Grazyna 2 February 2016 - 16:56

Good morning Brave Eve, I read with admiration and a smile. And especially I am happy with the planned March visit to Katowice. I can personally know . Me and my “bicycle” Friends. I follow the entries and information about the exact date. Regards. Grazyna from Katowice

Ewcyna 2 February 2016 - 18:51

Welcome Grażyno, I am very happy, therefore,, that the idea of ​​going to result in Katowice nice meeting. It counted..
I'll be there to talk about the Asian trip 9 March 19tej club Travelers Namaste. Meetings have already added a bookmark on the blog. On fejsbuku and club info will appear in a week, but I already have a date fixed. I cordially invite you.

Daniela Teresa Ostrowska 3 February 2016 - 23:55

I read with bated breath , and fantastic photos. Congratulations, and I admire, especially for courage.
I live near Gryfina, maybe I can buy a ticket ( tickets spread like a hot cakes) for your lecture.
I wish you good health.
Regards Teresa

Ewcyna 4 February 2016 - 09:45

Welcome Tereso, how nice to read such words.
Festival Włóczykij in Gryfinie I will talk about Japan on Sunday 28.02 that's 17.00 as proclaimed by the program. There will be a virtuous circle of travelers and włóczykijów of course and a lot of interesting stories… already I have stage fright. Yep, Pass gone, but tickets for single days will be or are supposed to buy. See, therefore,, I greet, Ewa


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