And who took the time from you?

by Ewcyna

I meet Beata in Bangkok. She is a freind of my friends , we meet, to talk. She has been travelling for many years and about the time, when I set off on the road Beata took a backpack and her man :), together they arrived to Bangkok just like that, because that was their idea , that they want to work in a multicultural city. Each of them found a nice job, rented a nice apartment and live there just as they like.

Chirag – a young boy from India full of determination to discover something new brings a breath of freshness to my journey. We pitched our tents somewhere in the wild, have chinese noodles he brought for dinner and a lot of stories to share for dessert. Two of them are riding, Him and Emotions. So he says because Riding on emotions is his motto. He reads me like an open book, and the few hours of the meeting directs my thoughts to rather dormant emotions as well as to India. Again, I start to think about this destination. That fascinates me as much as I am afraid of . I'm scared of the noise, crowd, I'm afraid of annoying men , perhaps also a little of the dirt too, alhough it is generally plentiful in Asia. We drink a cup of coffee in the morning and everyone goes on their direction, but this is one of those meetings, and one of those people who leave a trace in my heart.

Chirag Ewcyna

Ben, A mature Swede accosts me at an empty campsite, where we are the only ones on a long and wide beach with tents set up. He seems fascinated by my lifestyle and wants to know more. „What’s driving you?” he asks. – What drives you?? It gives you and inne, not trivial at all - as is usually the case – questions. “How it started?" . Do not know. From mobbing at work? Since the death of my parents? Tired of the city? A bicycle trip around Japan, from which I didn't want to come back? I have to think a bit about the answers to them. Himself, close to heart attack due to work overload he chose to live in the country, where people are gentle and smiling, where nobody is in a hurry and he is convinced, that this won his life this way. I see in our stories common denominator.

I do not blame him. I also have had time to fall in love with and tame Thailand. It's the perfect blend of exoticism and suitable for me doped assets of civilization. Traveling, ignoring the fact that more and more heat this time of year is simple. Good roads. Nice and smiling people. Numerous roadside shelters where you can relax. Petrol stations, where you can take a quick shower or just pour the water. Without much effort especially on the coast there is a plenty of place to pitch the tent. Tired of the tent, or do not want to carry it with you? You're welcome, numerous resorts just wait for you to jump on clean sheets, turn on the aircon and wifi fire – You can find a room for 5 dollars. Food especially in the evening screaming to you with dozens of mobile stands - buy me, eat me! Cooking does not make sense, even most of the apartments do not even have a kitchen because people are accustomed to eat on the streets.

Thai national parks is my love. Is, and dozens of Thailand, mountain or seaside, but there is always room for camping, sometimes something more. Above all, however, is here ONA. SILENCE. It was her looking. It is with regret I left one, I'm going less than 40 and the second one. And although I did not have the plans I can not help, not to pop up here. Come for one night and stay three days since I can not leave. Long beach where I'm alone, sea ​​at hand bewitched sound of the waves, small eatery with normal prices, which allows me to bend from hunger, water in the shower and even wifi, that reaches the tent. I paid for a place 3 zloty. I sit, I think, think I work, I bathe and listen to the sea. Nobody does not want anything from me . I can walk for half a day in his pajamas and not wear a bra under my shirt. Little things, which make, that day is beautiful.

Watching the people working there not the first time I, that work in the national park in Thailand is a dream job. Morning slowly sweep a few leaves, that came there since yesterday. Water from a water hose to fall off the bathroom. Or not to even. And that's it. on hour, or two. And then sit or lie down and nap, because it's hot. Lunch break, all of people here love to eat in groups. About two hours, to a good digestion. Sit a little, maybe do something else, stare at the tv and after 4 pm go home.
People can go on for hours motionless. Us in Europe, or generally broad considered western countries seems to bother any longer while of stagnation, that somehow it is necessary to quickly do something with.
Entering the room I leave shoes outside as others. I do not like this, This is one of the few things, which really do not like here. I understand, understand it is compulsory for temples, but why should I leave shoes at the door store and go around barefoot? The floor is not the only precious inlaid teak floors. This here just really do not like.
The doctor told me to rest . Do not carry, best if I could lie down. This much I know myself, more than a week of the pain in my back made that I could not stand up straight and steak like an old woman. For this some mischievous beast bit me pretty badly, does not heal. Week of waiting, that just disappears and in the end the decision, However, it must be the doctor. It is now better but the ride, even rather easy here, has to wait a little.

Park narodowy Tajlandia
Hat national park Wakaran

It's also the perfect excuse my stagnation. And yet the words below, which came from the pen of Peter Strzeżysz “o czasie”.

"Who you took the time? Who it is? Who is owning it rahter then you? Boss? Wife? Work? Or maybe children? And when you will have the time for yourself? After all it is a matter of priorities.
During trips, I come across quite a number of similar people, who do, what they do, did not consider it something extraordinary. Just live like that. Though who knows them there, maybe however they consider, that are exceptional? -, it seems to me, that's exactly say, how they think. Simply choose yourself the way of life, not worse, or better, only their own. I have the time. They have it abundant. To go, for being together, for passing away, watching sunrise and sunset, to talk, for doing this, on what they want. And most of the time they have to do the proverbial nothing. Spend most of their time doing nothing.
And no matter, whether one is going in the heat, or in the rain and cold, pushing the bike against the wind, It does not matter; Important is, that one does not tell them, what to do, where, when, for which, what and why, that no one has the time, that one does not tell them, how to live, what to do with the coming day, with its every hour, every moment. "
Peter Strzeżysz, On the bike.

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Beata 2 March 2015 - 15:34

Beautiful text Eve …, gorgeous

Stefan 2 March 2015 - 16:31

Signs with both hands under it

wszystkiejazdygacka 2 March 2015 - 17:28

hihi, I see, that you visit parks, where I was relaxing exactly one year ago, when you were struggling out in the mountain….Cramps, It's been a year! Very good text, I agree with you thoroughy. 🙂

Michal Kepinski 2 March 2015 - 20:03

“And most of the time they have to do the proverbial nothing. Spend most of their time doing nothing.
And no matter, whether one is going in the heat, or in the rain and cold, pushing the bike against the wind, It does not matter; Important is, that one does not tell them, what to do, where, when, for which, what and why, that no one has the time, that one does not tell them, how to live, what to do with the coming day, with its every hour, every moment. "Peter Strzeżysz, On the bike.”

I was just reading these texts and somehow I can not stop myself from commenting, because not entirely agree with glorification “Doing Nothing” and “no one is listening” contained in their content, in cycling as if only that matter was.. I myself am a bicycle traveler and if somebody would have the forme vacation / travel is not recommended for “Doing Nothing”, and any escape from everyday reality, but as an excellent way to get to know people and countries, and of course checking himself sometimes in difficult circumstances, you can 'appearance during the trip. Many cycling travellers undertakes work as volunteers, to give something of yourself, and even more to approach up for the country in which they live. In my opinion, these are actually spread out priorities and pleasant with a useful connection. However, some are, who prefer “doing nothing” and as far as using someones the courtesy and hospitality, who the next day they go to work, naively because you already drive the everyday drudgery they think lone cyclists for something unique inside. So really, I say that as a tourist bicycle, There is nothing you can take a smoother than on the bike and travel the world by using a courtesy of people. Cycling is not a way to live valuable life, it is only a temporary change in order to better understand the terms and the world be more valuable person. For the gentleman from “Doing Nothing” I recommend all inclusive resort, where you can be relatively little money to do nothing all day and drink and eat all day.


Ewcyna 3 March 2015 - 02:12

Sir Michael,
Some of my guilt in this, I posted the text of the “doing nothing” without context. It is not and was not to be definition of cycling, the only answer to someone's statement, which are frequently encountered by once on the road, that someone out there would like to live ike that , but there is no time. Hence the rhetorical question “And who you took the time and to whom it should be”.

I think, But everyone will choose those words in their own way, it depends on your perspective. It is much easier to say for a single person like me. I did not even noticed, that there is a question about the wife and children as the time entraining. If I was the wife would probably make me burst blood. But I'm not.

As for what to whom life is valuable and what is for whom cycling is I would leave the definition to each and every person and understand, that quoted above definition is yours as I understand.

I just would really like, that no one identified this lifestyle as the use of other.

Hanka 3 March 2015 - 08:59

Well, the same is true, that you have to have some courage, to be with you alone. And when we have the time of your life, when we need it, This we do it. I guess no one is going to such expeditions out of laziness?
A speed of movement on the bike promotes contacts. With people, with the surrounding space. not watching the world from behind the glass. It is time, to notice something on the way, hear “hellos” 🙂 i tak łatwo jest się zatrzymać.
You can do something as a volunteer, but you can also travel as Chirag and leave their mark on one's heart.

Recover soon and continue to your destination :).

Mira Boat 3 March 2015 - 18:12

Eve, Today, the text read with great attention as all Comments, It's a great subject to discuss and express ones views – I thought instinctively…..
Only are we PEOPLE from the WEST not thinkinng too much, call something, judge, categorize……
And to hell with this thinking. Let there just happens………or hope.
Your photo on a lonely beach is unusual.
Best regards and thank you for mantra meditation ( see the title)

Ewcyna 4 March 2015 - 02:07

Myrrh, great summary, thank you

Magda 5 March 2015 - 15:24

Well….nothing to add, nothing less, Ewa. Even though it does not require a drive to the other end of the world, only the ability to be alone with you, wherever you are, no excuses, justification and deposition. I am happy, że znów sobie o Tobie przypomniałam 🙂 Magda

Ewcyna 15 March 2015 - 04:48

I will also be glad Magda! Nie zapominaj o mnie 😉

Magda 15 March 2015 - 09:57

🙂 Laos, Ewa, super 🙂 Jak Ci się podoba? For us it was a surprise after “almost” organized mega Thailand :))) Where are you?

ewcyna 23 March 2015 - 16:47

Hej Magda, navigate by the north in the direction of Vientiane, capital. Next is a pale ku7rcze still do not know..

Magda 23 March 2015 - 17:10

Ooo! And I'll tell you, Vientiane to us that it was a failure, very uninteresting city from the rest of. I was the only place in Thailand and Laos, where the dogs were aggressive to us, but it is one we met peszek. I'm curious of your experience there. Greetings!

Magda 23 March 2015 - 17:12

Aha no i chyba dobranoc 🙂

ewcyna 23 March 2015 - 17:18

hi Magda, I was already in Vientiane last year and koniecnzość not to develop the visa to Vietnam, Thailand tudzież this I would have forgiven, because dearly. I'll give exact characters, goodnight and pa!

Leons 15 March 2015 - 00:27

Ewcyna:) You have character:) and so hold! Today I say to myself, write, Telling, You have a girl character and Health!!!. Humanly speaking, I envy you and I, or I'm sure, not only did I so myślę.Wiem, I know, easy to sit in the evening before Kompany, watch photos and write something positive. But in my opinion , This is a feat, courage, perseverance and dedication women for others to watch, admire and dream. But do we all know how many sacrifices and do not know what else her / you it costs. I wish you good health and stamina.
Eve really I do not eat:):):) I also go further, but I'd like to ,,crotosami” go into the unknown:) Uff, but I gathered:) no matter which way the wind blows, their sails set so you still ran / rode forward.

Ewcyna 15 March 2015 - 04:47

Leon, thank you, SE do not feel anything but a hero but thanks. Sometimes it is very easy, it is sometimes difficult. Also it is very difficult at times. Today mij half a year since I left Poland again, I am again … Laosie, change plans but most importantly with no time out bored. Well, unless, that on the beach, but the thing of the past.

ps. Do we know each other? Because I remember Leo from Greece with 2004 year..

leon 15 March 2015 - 22:16

:)well remember, in a straw hat:)I greet.

ewcyna 23 March 2015 - 16:48

And the flaps! Ale super 🙂

Mira Boat 23 March 2015 - 14:46

Eve, if anything interesting in Laos have not met, describe what is worth. I missed…

ewcyna 23 March 2015 - 16:51

Dear Mira, I realize, that neglecting my writing, but I'm going in the company, what is new and completely mnei no time for anything. Leaving the prospect of changes in the company. In a few days , some 4bed had a day off and promises to make up for all!!! Buziaki.

ps. I put some pictures on Fejsbuka

ewatraveller 24 March 2015 - 22:28

Hit to the heart. It hurts most,we can not take the time to perform tasks unfilled. Just be and that there simply recognize and heat doceniać.Pozdrawiam.

Ewcyna 1 April 2015 - 03:23

To nie prima-aprilis, I have trouble posting temporary post, daje znaka, I'm alive and I'm starting way through the mountains to Vietnam!

Mira Boat 4 April 2015 - 13:30

Eve, cordially greet you on the occasion of Polish Easter. And I do not regret those żurków, mazurkas and ham. When you come back to us -to'll remember flavors.

Andrew of soot 4 April 2015 - 23:53

Ewo.Ciepłe heartfelt wishes Merry Christmas and wind in the back through the mountains to Vietnam.

Magda 5 April 2015 - 08:16

Ewciu, dobrych Świąt Wielkanocnych 🙂 Pewnie jajecznych smakołyków tam nie brakuje 🙂 buziaki, Magda

zofia 5 April 2015 - 16:50

Merry Christmas wish from my couch, which for some will leave with relief. I hope, you go happy

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