VISA TO UZBEKISTAN (apartment on 09.2017) and manufacturing of a new passport abroad

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About that, the manufacturing of a visa to Uzbekistan is complicated heard the legend, in practice, however, it was not so bad.

Visas can not be obtained at the border, it should arrange in advance at the embassy. I took care of her while on the Uzbek embassy in Almaty in Kazakhstan and do not know how it is done in Poland.

To get a visa for many nations including the Polish need an invitation (Letter of Invitation). Citizens of some countries are exempt from that requirement, However, practice shows, that getting an invitation greatly simplifies and reduces the time to obtain a visa (from 10-14 days to the same day). Poles still need an invitation, although they rumored that it will be lifted soon, in 2018 or most of the counties.

The invitation issued by the Uzbek Ministry of Internal Affairs, dispensing must be one of the agencies authorized to, the coordinates of which are given in the Web - page Caravanistan, However, use of the services of the portal współracującej Caravanistan it probably cost 90 EUR. Elsewhere, the cost of services was 75 EUR. I, thanks to information received from other Polish traveler managed to get an invitation by Topchan hostel in Tashkent for only 42 USD. The only requirement was to spend one night in a hostel. Which she did (btw. This is probably the most well-known and recommended hostel in Tashkent I really did not like and I ran after one night - loud, the lack of a place to sit outside.. I think it's highly overrated place and would not recommend).

After completing the application for an invitation (easy, but unfortunately you have to accurately determine entry and visa will be valid from this day). The application must also enter the embassy, to which we go, to apply for a visa. Although I was in Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek was the closest I chose Almaty in Kazakhstan. It lies just 200 km away, and so I had to go there, Knead to a new passport, and the Uzbek Embassy in Almaty has very good reviews. After payment by Paypal Topchan received confirmation from the hostel and waited for an invitation 8 days. It came by mail.

After a few weeks of invitation, passport, one photo, photocopying one page in the passport (necessarily) local cash and I went to the embassy of Uzbekistan in Almaty. Embassy supports the petitioners only in the afternoon, in hours. 15-18.00. Although I was there alone 14.00 This is the day the doors opened just before 16.00, So no ... sometimes different, However, people who come in on visas are handled first. After reviewing papers seem consul slips to pay - in the case of the Poles is 75 EUR, but the cost of such. US citizens are already 160 USD (AUC!). Payment shall be made at the bank next door and it is converted into the currency of the Kazakh tenge and that is accepted only in cash. You must therefore have the right amount of local cash.

After payment, we return empty-handed to the consul, where already waiting for us passport with visa pasted to Uzbekistan. 30 days without the possibility of extension, date of entry, which determines the date of departure, unfortunately, we have to define already submitted applications for an invitation, Therefore, accurate planning is needed. E.g.: of visa 30 September 29 in October as in my case means, you can only enter from 30 September, but you have to leave the country to 29 October inclusive. Timeout departure will cause serious problems.

The cost of a visa - 42 USD (invitation) + 75 USD wiza = 117 USD. quite a few, but, after all, could be more.

In Almaty also I visited the Polish Embassy, to apply for a new passport - this was not possible in Bishkek, because there is only a diplomatic mission.

The embassy must first register in the system online to visit. When you do not know what and how to just mail our facility - efficiently meet, questions like how to get well. In the days of the visit I was accepted by the Consul for a specific time, spot filled out the application and gave the photograph, It took us some time fingerprint image, because apparently have not yet done, but all took place in a pleasant atmosphere. Extremely pleasant surprise is the fee - paying for the passport more than in Poland, 110 EUR, However, the amount deducted 10% for the years when it still would be valid. Let me give an example of his - my passport was kneaded in 2013 and he was still valid 6 years, but I just had a new Knead, because it ran out of space. I paid for a new 44 EUR. A funny fact - previous passport was kneaded well in September and arrived in Almaty on the same day, thanks me for policznono 1 less year - the next day would amount already next. So my two passports after another date May develop the same day of the year.

On the new passport is waiting 3-6 weeks, and you can pick it up in person only. After three weeks, I received an email from the embassy, that the new passport is already - I went to pick it up in November, When I pulled back to Kazakhstan. Until I was sad to part with the previous, crowded stamps document, which it was associated with many memories.

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