W drogę

Well, ale wyprawę czas rozpocząć – po to tu wszak przyjechałam. Reszta ekipy – a zebrało się nas na tym odcinku 14 osób, including 6 Polaków i Polek, Litwin i Litwinka, Szkot, trójka z Nowej Zelandii i dwóch Irlandczyków – również dotarła. Maryla, Rysiek, Bill, Brian, Alison i Sigitas jadą od początku czyli z Pekinu, skąd wyruszyli pod koniec lutego czyli 2 miesiące wcześniej, a ja, Natalia, Wojtek, Monika i Janek, Aiden z Irlandii i Ieva z Litwy dołączamy w Los Angeles. Za kilka dni jeszcze doleci jeszcze John z Irlandii. Wszyscy z nas przybyłych z Polski przejedzie odcinek amerykański jedynie do polowy, ie. do granicy stanów Kolorado i Kansas, co i tak oznacza ładnych kilka tygodni na rowerze. Several members of the expedition have traveled stretch of Asian and completed the route in Japan. This is in accordance with the maxim CROTOS'a – You can join in if you want to – day, week, months or ride all the way.

27 April begins traversing the U.S. from west to east.(map below)


At the beginning of the common passage along the beach bike path from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier, where we take lots of photos. Accompany us as journalists from a local television station Polonia. After that, our custom one goes his own way there who wants to be alone. Me and a few other players start with practical issues and direct our first two wheels to a sporting goods store REI (highy recommended), to purchase gas cartridges. This is how it turns out very thoughtful move, I was then in vain to look for such cylinders, eg. at petrol stations. What's more - if you can get cartridges for the burner Primus, How lucky I have, is the popular in Poland Campingazu not necessarily.

The sun is suddenly begins to "give" as it befits California. At the end of the first day of driving we do quite a stir in the life of a young Indian grocer, who learned how and where races wybałusza eyes and not being able to recover offers us feasted this, what we like to shop there. Opt for a mix of nuts and cold water.

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