Birthday of a King

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Do you love the King?

Woman in yellow blouse standing in front of me and inquiring glance shyly hands me a candle.

Zdębiałam. Speechless, but you had to wake up and react somehow.. Thus, rather hesitantly reply Tak.. . Any other answer seemed to me to be naughty. It is evening and the square in front of a Buddhist temple (that is: what) in a small village, the name of which I do not even met the entire local community. 5 December and is a national holiday in Thailand. It's the birthday of the King.

His Height Rama IX is a beloved king of Thais. Refit, he just ends 87 years in portraits is invariably portrayed as - just in the eye – forties. There is no institution, no town, there is no village without its image. Yellow pedestal decorated with flags and flowers – I pass them every day dozens. Yellow is the color of the reigning monarch for many years and it is in his honor on this day the majority of Thai people wear the yellow shirt.

The woman is giving me a candle in a series we together with the villagers before the portrait of the royal couple. Songs sound, and in the distance you can see the fireworks shooting. After finishing the ceremony several people come to me giving hand and thanking. In the language of the old Polish feel anything confusedly, but also honored. There is nothing to show, These people love the monarch and pray, to live as long as possible. .

When you get to spend a few days Bangkok to acclimatize without air conditioning, without exploring and turning the guitar similar things - I live there 15-20 km from the center and even though I have the ambition to get there it's driven 10 giving up. Someone can guess why?

After a week of time at the end to move four points and move them where they belong - on the saddle. Direction – Cambodia along the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand or Thailand.

On the way I'm doing pretty well. Co and bredzę – I'm doing very well! Fantastic! Absolutely perfect! In the end, once mastered these steps will not forget – year (yes, yes, year!) practicing the movement of the Asian highway. You only need to shake off the lethargy after the Korean-track wilderness. Driving on electricity - please. Slalom between vehicles - simple. Across the highway through the firewall? - A breeze. I set at the traffic lights on the front along with the rest dwuśladów. My face does not express any emotion, is absolutely indifferent (or so I think) - Lights up green, I push on the pedals, I'm heading ignoring the puzzled looks at poniektórych. Not evasive wild herd Stars, trailors vehicles containing more or less identified, obwieszonych to niemożliwości good wszelakim. But why did they all go at me?! Disease, Yet here I drive on the left and I press on the right.. apologetic smile, nod in thanks and already I move to the other side of the street. Nobody here for such things do not annoy, not be nervous, not pelt mud and insults (k..a as you go? - You know that the Polish can?). The philosophy of "take it easy" promotes life, I knew how I finally have it more I learn, however, because something goes poorly.

Departure from Bangkok as it traveled with each multi-million city - you have to have badly arranged in the head, It would opt. Therefore, I have uneven ceiling and all I recommend the train trip and entry. Let there be no – I was also warned! For the first tens of kilometers there is no where to return, There is only one main road – I put earplugs, pedaling like a robot to reach the third day near the seaside town of Pattaya, where visitors me warmshower Rene. Reaches here too a couple of bicycle traveler from France, who are going in the opposite direction.

Pattaya, Pattaya.. Such a pretty name of the town, However, visitors to Thailand is associated uniquely - is the largest center of sex tourism in the country.

Do you want to see the "working street"? – asks Rene.

No in total.. Not that I do rajcowało, but as I'm here.. We're going.

After five, maybe ten minutes, I've had enough. It does not matter what gender you are under the nose shove by touts pricing bored with unique photographs or drawings of services - so there was no doubt what you pay for. Even I have to admit I was a little shocked. Watching women working here. I do not judge, I look at. Impassive, mostly bored faces and little energetic movements, which are intended to be dancing with the pipe rather not encourage me to join the "club" – that, but it is only 22ga, and I'm a woman. Certainly after midnight żwawiej gets here after a few drinks and a interesting. On the streets of the Russian language dominates. I was, I saw - passed. Points migrate to Amsterdam and the local red-light district - there I even quite liked.

At the end of the road forks, and I can go lower, leading along the beaches. It is quietly, idyllic-magically, and although you can see quite a few "farangów" that foreigners are rather empty beaches and shaded road. Finding accommodation in Thailand is now more of a challenge for me - there would, of course, because guesthousów and hotels here in droves, but it is not supertanio. I sleep twice in watt, or Thai temple. Generally a great thing, because monks are doing rather nei problem with the provision of space, the problem lies elsewhere - as in the whole of Thailand so it should be no place for humans and animals. Psy, cats.. lie and crawl everywhere. It seems - nothing, only to learn how to maneuver between them and watch the feet.. Where there! Laba ends when the distance between the tent. About 22 nd rozszczekują dogs. As soon cease to try to move nei, to me not heard. Then somehow become active around midnight cats. It is not nice “meow” just tearing snout and wailing souls of the damned! Zero reaction to pat his leg or other forms ouster - let "toto" goes and yells while 50 meter further, and he nothing, puzzled stares and further tears fuck. Fortunately, after some time calms Menagerie, but I think for every move in a tent which would again not "rozgadały".

There is also a menagerie, which is less tears snout and faster moves from acts. Accidentally get to the coastal national park - located away from the road, small creek with a belt spotlessly clean, empty beach lined with coconut palms - a paradise Mr., I found paradise! Splash all day and in the evening do not get hung guitar laying out the tent just lie down to sleep in the shelter. Yes I like it here, I'm going pobyczyć of the day, two or maybe three?

He gets a beautiful morning, drag and .. and I think, or something like that shed lint? Something is walking? Leaps? But I have not seen the dogs. I do not! Monkeys! Tapping his foot and these nothing. Run up toward them - cramp - prychają, attack and not think to escape! There are so many.. And I've got everything I like and porozwalane rozgrzebane, pulled out of the panniers - as I. I do not need coffee to wake up immediately – I throw everything in the panniers as flies, any faster because these beasts have to catch this or that. Empty bottle and my short pants – Let them choke. Fortunately, relief comes in the form of a park ranger who misses something there, and I feel stupid. Mindless tourist I think - I. Look and admire! And while staying in place two days every day I pack everything into the panniers and bike carefully cought and take with you. Monkeys are cunning creatures - come up close, walk under the legs, but the guard shows, that they can not drive away the leg, enraged because they can bite, may be the option to chase away the stone should be. I'm running as soon as possible after the stones – I do not have scared, What can I say, these monkeys.

Well, it looks like, that is so far not get mad with the heat obezwładnającego – But more significantly colder than in March, when my brain August lasował. This cooler is slightly above 30 degrees, am even a little I cover, but generally impossible to sleep and drive.

Reservoir Cats, rabid monkeys, wildly beautiful beaches and furiously good food and furiously cool temperature. Thailand is a paradise furious. Something I feel, of how it will come to the islands only get mad with happiness.

ps. Anne of portal invasion recently asked me a few questions about travel – You can read the interview here.

ps. 2 – I do not know where I'll be at Christmas and New Year. All indications are, Cambodia and that it would be a day like every day, although I will try to find a Catholic church, what's very difficult. I was looking for missionaries also, but somehow no result.

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      But if some advice then I will be happy of course.

      1. Ewa, We did not make it as true to Cambodia zawitać, but our travel companions yes “passed” Angkor Wat. According to their relationship after crossing the Thai bargaining lazy traveler (ie haggle a little but generally no one throws prices 100 times higher than normal) August can cut, especially on transport – but I do not foresee, żebyś potrzebowała tuk-tuka 🙂 Pozdrawiam 🙂

  1. 5/12 – King's birthday and Father's Day!
    12/8 – Queen's birthday and Mother's Day!
    This very neatly lined?

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