U Indian

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A na Dzikim Zachodzie… bez zmian. Wiatry nami szargają, ziemia spalona słońcem w kolorze orchy. Przez kilka dni ponownie przebywamy na terenie rezerwatu Indian – tym razem plemienia Navajo. Już wtajemniczeni wiedzą, ze oznacza to m.in. brak alkoholu w sprzedaży (a wszak piwo zwieńczające upalny dzień na rowerze ratuje życie), dla nas jednak oznacza coś jeszcze – znalezienie noclegu nie jest proste. Kempingów brak. Wszystko ogrodzone. Tego dnia jadę z kierowcą naszego vana Litwinka Ievą – młodą, ładną dziewczyną, co jak mniemam może mieć znaczenie w szukaniu noclegu. Unfortunately, it turnes out, że tamtejsi Indianie są raczej odporni na takie uroki. Na pytanie uśmiechniętej białej squaw, „gdzie ew. You can break down the tents around?"And with additional waving lashes; „may the Lord somewhere in this vast field of?"Wykrętnych give answers like "This is my neighbor's certainly not like it .." although the nearest neighbor a good few miles. When you drive up to another homestead note we are being a woman in the yard, then rushes home, and with him the moment comes to us already an older man. We are certain, he understands what we are asking, but fails, they do not speak English. We also swear, with a gun in his pocket.. We manage the retreat. Already, almost fall into despair, where I sleep here and 17ta on the clock and the group is waiting for info, and suddenly a little accident made an unexpected return of shares. Car buried quite artistically and for good in the sand….what to do? Take out all the baggage.. still nothing, not moving. Here we consider, the need to catch some help on the way, which is a few miles.. I'm staying with luggage and Ieva gna (if pedaling in the dirt so to determine) look for a savior. To all this coming owner of the land, ie. local Indian, and although it is somewhat surprised that pulls us out of trouble with his car. And what's even more important – proposes tents around his home! For us it is a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the living conditions of the Indians living on the reservation. These are average, so to speak – modest Chałupka – two bedrooms, but in one of these plasma how you look. Flexible approach to policy issues. Farm for sheep and running freely 3 Dogs – friendly, but totally obedience trained.. things we inadvertently left before the tents were finding the next day within a few hundred meters… But in the evening the hosts offers us a warm, delicious, fresh bread, and conversations go on long into the night..

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