Sandals for cycling – Teva, Keen, Source, Shimano.. you choose?

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young housewife

The thing is about the search for the perfect sandals for traveling by bicycle. Yep, sandals just because it's summer, I go on a trip, because of the shoes on the bike have been written, but not necessarily for sandals. I know, I was looking for (aktualizacja tekstu lipiec 2018 r.)

At the beginning of my adventure with a bike, that is, several years ago I did not pay much attention to the shoes, where I ride and I assumed his feet to, which currently had – perhaps that's why all these years I had the opportunity to see, What bothered me the most and what features should be perfect sandal on a bike. Not everyone can, however, be tempted to go the long way, I decided, therefore, to gather in one place Tips, that might be useful to someone and shorten its / its exploration.

To begin with, I can not ride in the indoor shoes, when it is warm or too hot. My foot has to be well, my foot has to breathe – although catches dirt as you do not know what, that, but something for something.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Well, therefore, it is characterized by me sandal perfect for bike?

1. Number one is hard sole.

Sole in the shoe for cycling must be hard enough, because then the surface pressure on the pedal during driving is distributed to the entire shoe sole and not only the contact area of ​​the foot pedal – the same pedal is effective, ride faster and your feet much less get tired. Too soft sole in the shoe while riding a bicycle is a tragedy. Foot feels pedal while driving, and when walking every stone on the ground. But, where we feel great walking along the sidewalk can be a curse traveling by bicycle. The result is our tired feet and weaker pace ride, because the effort of pedaling must be much larger. feet (and wrists, but that's another story) potrafią boleć bardziej niż pupa 🙂

Not without reason, shoes typically cycling or SPD (that is equipped with an attachment to a special shoe pedals) they have a very hard sole. Knowing, however, the magnitude of the advantages of SPD shoes do not take them bicycle trip. Why?

I think as well, with shoes, including sandals for the traveler bicycle must be Universal - We are, after all, not only to ride, but also walking, sometimes multiday. Coming longer, ie. many weeks or months, we must reckon with the, it's not always time will be spent on the bike, but it must be suitable both for riding and for example,. several hours or several days exploring trekking.

And this is one of the reasons, which I do not choose shoes SPD. The sole of this shoe is too hard for me to walk. So sandals SPD also fall.

Please, bear in mind, that describe your personal preferences and feelings.

2. Sandals should well stick to your feet and do not constrict.

clear evidence. But to make it happen, striped sandals should be sufficiently wide, not to wpijać in foot, and have padding on the joints there, where are the buckles. What it is also very important strips They should not be pasted – bar as a whole should be carried out through the bottom of the soles - this prevents nagminnemu their pecking at the joints with soled sandal.

Each used by me in recent years sandals (for last 10 years, "Marek," three models of sandals Jack Wolfskin, Karrimor one - model Aruba) ALWAYS appeared the problem – strap tore the soles of this or another place, po kilku miesiącach albo nawet po tygodniu. As the next to go as the legs do not hold? Będąc w Azji, czy na Bliskim Wschodzie na szczęście ma się pod ręką ulicznych szewców złote rączki, who for the equivalent 2-3 PLN repair a torn strips sensational – puncturing the sole thin spikes in order to carry through it twine and sew a broken belt. I did so in China and Thailand and on my suggestion, that can use glue Chinese shoemaker looked at crazy. In the same way, moreover, as a shoemaker in Poland he looked like I asked, But that can prick but tried and sew strap. Sorry I do not have a photo that repaired during a trip to Asia sandals - I said goodbye to them as the sole wiped (sewing but do not let go).

3. Sandal must be water resistant and the material, it is made to be fast drying

For this reason, all leather shoes tudzież with padded suede interior is with me in advance disqualified (for example,. most of the otherwise super-comfortable models Ecco).

4. Very well is, in order to toe was covered, as it protects fingers (as it is most of the models of sandals from Keen). Niestety w wyższych temperaturach, powyżej 25 stopni jest mi w tego tyu butach za gorąco.

5. Latest, ale nie mniej ważne.. fajnie by było, by but nie łapał brzydkiego zapachu, czyli zwyczajnie nie śmierdział (pomimo prania:)


Bullets so the above features (good quality of materials and workmanship, I think the obvious things) you might think, that simple, just go to the store and choose the right model. Well, I do not know how others, but I did not have this happiness and approached to the subject several times.

Before leaving for Asia, which fall 2013 I bought sandals Keen Whisper and I use them extensively today. I love these shoes pure love because they are close to ideal. The sole is in the same time - hard enough, not too thick, shoes are light and airy and the transition after a stony creek and splash their feet are not afraid because they dry quickly. For this annoying faint smell, How often comes out of the shoe is not a problem here because it almost does not exist (in Karrimorach unfortunately it was not to launder). Strap on the back of the heel a little bit I rubbed, but all the intenesywnym use keeps perfectly.



And here I could end my search, but unfortunately my problem is, I have a very low tolerance for temperature changes and I have to adapt to your dress. What does it mean? Well, despite that, They keen that the sandal is very airy, however, at a temperature above 25 degrees covering your finger does, and I'm already in those shoes too hot.. Hot South - East Asia is not suitable. I remember, that hot air come to Bangkok with cold November South Korea decided to leave some things in Bangkok and leave yourself only one pair of shoes or Keeny has just. How many times did I then stops in Laos or China, so for a while, remove your foot from the shoe and give them a break? Therefore, well - I need I also typical open sandal. Yep, wożę two pairs.

Sandals with bare fingers looking for the last, spring 2016 or most of the counties. As mentioned, przerobiwszy in recent years, three models of sandals Jack Wolfskin and one Karrimor Aruba decided not to return to them. Execution of shoes very deteriorated looks like a typical MADE IN CHINA which unfortunately can be seen at first glance - eg. get dirty glue. In each of the previously used model I had problems with pulling the strips which made, that narrowed the search for shoes with a strap carried by the sole.

On the battlefield were sandals Company Teva and Source. This proven companies that produce high-quality footwear. High quality requires a high price, but the fact, that the price of more than 400 PLN sandals Source Gobi was for me not to swallow. Teva sandals are a bit cheaper, but courtesy of got them to the test.

Model sandals Teva Terra Fi 4 I chose, I met all the above criteria. Simple, holding up well not only legs, but also the base model sandal with a thick, respectively hard and additionally profiled sole and heel makes for an increase, that the leg fits in perfectly shoe, but although planning on foot about two weeks. Fact, It does not look like it can super sexy, but no not this, after all we want - in terms of comfort and durability. Belts as provided by the manufacturer are not pasted, and the materials are fast drying what I had the opportunity to test. also important, with they can be adjusted in three places.

terra fi 4

young housewife

Disadvantages? Sandals are quite heavy.

With the other stuff - I do not like, that turnips are in light blue - very easy to get dirty. May have to be black.

Fact, I realize that a few weeks of use is a little bit, but all the evidence suggests, it was a good choice. I promise this text supplemented, in a few months.

I am thus ended my search for the perfect sandal? for now, but I hope, that once created a model which is a combination of the above – Keen would sole-bars and a Teva. I can justify the fact, that generally a lot of complaining, a company can either hits to my arguments and decide to create such a model?

Reading the above I hope, that you remember, that describe your own preferences. I know, with many people ride on longer expeditions in the shoes SPD, I also know of such, What drove in flip-flops.

**Aktualizacja lipiec 2018

I update the text after two years of use Teva sandals Fi 4. Szacuję, with during that time I had them on my feet for a minimum of 400 days. I drove them in Athens route - in Poland 2016 r. (3 months) i niemal cały Jedwabny Szlak od Chin do teraz czyli Armenia czyli 11 months, because most of the weather I had no shoes and sandals covered. It's a lot.

How is my shoes?

Generally very well. Sole put together to the foot, bars not broke. Velcro hold. Shoes not caught odor.

However, the, zwłaszcza w jednym bucie podeszwa na śródstopiu przetarła się i zaczęła pękać. It looks like:

Teva Terra Fi4

Especially shoes got into the bone at the base with a sharp stone in Oman and Iran. There is, moreover, also used up very quickly and made my tire life cycle otherwise very good quality, so probably in another area pożyłyby much longer.

Because I fear, iż przez owo pęknięcie sandały nie dotrwają do końca rozpoczynającego się dopiero sezonu letniego postanowiłam rozejrzeć się za innymi. And again I came to my rescue distributor Teva giving to the test and use the new model, ie. W'S Teva Terra-Float 2 Universal. Novelty.

A little difficult to order shoes without being able to try them, but fortunately, assuming the new legs, a similar but slightly different model breathed a sigh of relief - the shoes fit!

sandal Teva Women's Terra Float 2 Universal WS

Teva Terra Float 2 Universal WS

What is the difference between these two models? In fact, mainly soles. As mentioned model Teva Terra Fi 4 It has a thick, tread, stable, but also quite heavy sole insert antishock, Teva model Float 2 Universal is quite flat, It treads lightly but significantly lighter and fortunately rigid, which is important when driving a bicycle, as the pedal is distributed fairly evenly.

Teva sandals for women
Teva sandals sole WS
Teva Terra WS Fi4, your Float 2 Universal WS

New sandals are basically the same, simple and proven system that strips, że Teva Float 2 Universal za piętą nie są regulowane. In fact, it started to disturb me a little, when sprained foot bandaged and I had to push in the sandal – otherwise I not see the difference. Buckles connecting strips are rebasing, What is also important, because they do not digging into his leg.

I do not know how it will later, but after 3 weeks of use sandals have no odor. I did not have a transitional period, sandal when it adjusts to the foot and often it obciera- I put them on foot and was immediately comfortable.

Which thus sandal rekomendowałabym for cycling?

Honestly, I can not choose one model, they are all very good. Teva Terra Fi4 (now, czyli rok 2019 Fi is already a model 5) They are a bit more stable, your Float 2 Universal etc., though significantly lighter as important, when we go on a long tour and are carrying more than one pair of shoes. At the end of this, who do not mind or even prefer buildings fingers (I feel the heat in higher temperatures) most can answer such Keen. model Whisper, because the toes are then most protected - I know, that many cyclists ride in these shoes. Want more reviews? Here discussion podró

Definitely worth investing in a good but not so, which fails us somewhere on the road. Best regards from the route along the Silk Road and successful cycling season!

bike after Armenia / Armenia Armenia bike cycling

Who likes what, important, to feel as comfortable as possible. And what are your experiences?

successful years, successful expeditions, and hopefully the weather favored sandals!

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  1. Nic lepszego niż Source Classic nie ma 🙂 Używane intensywnie od prawie 4 years and (almost) like New. comfortable, mega fast drying, solid and does not seem unpleasant odors.

    1. About see, and dropped off at me for watching without fulfilling these conditions. I do not remember the end of what was going on, outsole seemed too thin, and I was afraid the strips will hurt, why bet model Gobi. But thanks for your voice, It not without reason that I pray is a very good grades.
      another issue, the Source of all, Teva, moreover, too, it is not so easy to buy in Poland, in Wwie have them probably 3 shops. I might be wrong..

      1. His we bought at a similar price at Yoshko, promotion Wroclaw (Skalnik), and more recently for sister we ordered simply by internet :). So, we forgot to write, że jeszcze przez pierwszy rok source classic pachną wanilią 😉 (sic!)

        1. Well, as you tested it on the Internet
          This vanilla, but I do not feel too Encouraged because I do not like the smell of cake, ale fakt może to lepsze niż zapach nagniatajacej stopy 🙂

  2. Same. For two years I drive in Source Classic, which bought the first sandals on his bike and does not plan to change them. bought for 167 zł 🙂

    1. that's it, the more I'm already convinced. For now, I'm in the ride, but maybe one day I'll make a second approach?
      ps. For so much I bought Keen-y

  3. WE also go in sourcach classicach and were it not that I've lost one somewhere in Portugal probably serve to even the next 3 or 4 years old:) and keeny even though they are about to odstarszają me look

    1. Zaczynam weszyc sourcowy spisek 😉

      Yep, Keen look a little deterred because visually shorten the leg
      It can flip? I also have. They are divine

  4. Source can be purchased at Sosnowiec Alvik company specializes in these sandals are also your site.

    1. Christopher, thanks for the info. In fact, I came across this company on the net.
      However, the more I was concerned about the possibility to see and try on shoes, then August is passing on 2-3 Shops in Warsaw.

  5. Hej 🙂 Jak wiesz, I for so long expeditions not I visit (max 3-4 weeks on the bike / trekkingu), and my criteria, otherwise similar to yours meet some of 5 years sandals Quechua, They are very strong, and a pretty neat. Sole massive enough, and such like strips of thin foam reinforced stitched suede just. I soak them mercilessly, I wash in the washing machine after the trips and suede slightly laundered,but it is still in place and nothing with them is not happening. The only minus – I stop to catch the Velcro heel, but it is to replace the shoemaker. I'm looking at page Decathlon and unfortunately I already see a similar model – I think they went in a fairly lightweight models, I do not know how these new strips to hold. And besides, I greet ) Wojażujesz somewhere far or still in the country?

    1. Hej Magda, I have the most positive experience with a lot of things with Decathlona..akurat shoes never bought.
      I'm in Greece, I just can not dig out of here somehow – take a look, jest wpis 🙂

  6. Hi! I have a very positive experience with Teva sandals. Unfortunately, I do not remember what I have model, I already have 7 years. Sandals are not indestructible, this is very convenient, strips almost as good as new, soled nothing wrong, no odor, dry quickly. A lot of them go, but mostly I ride a bike and is the ideal choice. I recommend to all. Greetings!

  7. I join the chorus of praise Source'ów. Mija 11 month from the start of the expedition, of which past 10-9 They were so warm, Source that were used almost daily. Without illusions, however, – signs of wear are visible and on the sole and straps. Autumn is coming, So you will land on the bottom of the pouch, but I think, that manage to live with me still a good few seasons

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