Year on the road passed by – 30 travel incurable symptoms

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I've been wandering around on roads in Asia on my bicycle for more then a year now, therefore it's high time to face the truth and admit what are the bike travel symptoms I've developed during this time. I counted thirty of them, but perhaps there is more?

Here they are:

1. I think, the bike without panniers behaves strangely and somehow unstable

2. Every day I curse the number and weight of my luggage, but I still think, that everything that I am carrying is necessary

3. I know, the ride at sunrise, when it is cool is the most pleasant, but as a rule I set off three hours after dawn, when the greatest heat begins

4. So many times a day I say "hello", that if I find that, it's not to me just someone picked up the phone I feel uncomfortable

5. I stopped to be afraid of the dark - on the contrary - I consider it an ally, because it allows me to hide

6. During the day, I still can not resist looking for the best camping spots and at the sight of the perfect place for camping I sigh "gosh, why is it only noon?!"

7.I recon, I love cycling in the mountains until, I find myslef there . When I go on flat I sigh "uh, but this is boring "

8. I wonder why a couple of times a day people are telling me, that what I do is so dangerous

9. I already know how to "talk" with the dogs and how to scare them, but I look with suspicious even to chiuaua or a poodle

10. I fell asleep like a baby in a variety of holes, I wonder what ever I needed a bed for and basically what the hotels are for and why they cost a hell

11. I use almost any access to water as a chance of washing myslef or my clothes, therefore there's always something getting dry on my bicycle

12. I mastered the art of washing in a cup of water and a sponge is one of my essential travel gadgets

13. I changed plans so many times, that the most certain thing about the trip is that, that from time to time I need something to eat and somewhere to sleep, and where it will be the least important

14. After a week I gave up anti-malaria protection - after a day of cycling and seating the last thing I dream about is to put something on my skin

15. I cease to be surprised, that the newly met people are willing to host me at their homes, leaving the keys to the apartment and a full fridge

16. When I see my dream shirt at a roadside stall it turns out to be, not a stall, but somebody is drying laundry in front of house

17. It does not surprise me, that after being requested to bring an extension cord, to connect a TV in the room the guesthouse owner brings a new TV with a longer cable

18. Search for powert sockets I mastered to perfection

19. Hearing one of the most popular Asian morning sounds, ie. the sound of a broom sweeping I wonder why they are so fiercely raking fallen leaves rather than taking time to clean the bathroom with detergent

20. I try not to look in the mirror not to see all the spots on the face I have since I know, they will not disappear and I have long since stopped resemble a woman

21. Sleeping from time to time in the air-conditioned room allows me to appreciate, the joy of being covered by blanket

22. So many times I was disappointed by watching them, that reading about local attractions I ask myslef 10 "do you really want to go there?"And most of he times I do not go

23. Remembering the heap of clothes, which for months or years lie untouched left at home I swear why the hell I put out this much money in buying it and how much longer I could now travel with it

24. Since my last visit to the hairdresser, who with visible disgust dealt with a pile of my dry hair I start to be hairdresser to myslef

25. I do not pay attention how the wayside eatery looks like - as others are eating there are still alive, There is a chance, that I will not die neither and even more, that I will eat a meal of my life there

26. Cockroaches and rats do not make much of an impression on me any more (but better, I do not crawled to the face or legs)

27. I want to send to a month cycling in windy desert people, which specify the distance in minutes by car and are not able to determine even approximately, how many kilometers it can be ("To the store? 20 minutes by car ")

28. After having completed the very hard piece of route I decide, that I give up cycling for a week or month and two days later I can not sit still

29. I already know, what does "good for two" about the room or eat mean - it is exactly my case "good for one"

30. I already know, to ask open questions such as. "Which way to Bangkok?"Because to the closed ones answer is always" yes " (for example,. "To Bangkok, shall I turn right"? - The answer is "yes". After a while, you ask "To Bangkok, shall I turn left?"The answer is" yes ")


Someone else feels similar about it? I'm afraid, these symtopms are incurable..


Added 10 thinking about "Year on the road passed by – 30 travel incurable symptoms

  1. CYKLOZA – disease , to which zapadłaś , is probably the only disease , which gives the incredible joy of life to it having the disease….apparently you can not cure it and only heal….

  2. very well written! Just number 7 doesn’t work for me. I love cycling in the mountains even when I am there! i would replace it with this disease: When I enter a supermarket or other place where are other people, I suddenly realize I haven’t have a shower for 2 weeks. Before I never thought about it.

    1. Peter, feel free to adapt the list according to your experience.
      As for me – I would never forget I did not wash, that is one of the most annoying things actually 😉

  3. Interesting conclusions, but with the 20 it strongly disagree, and I do not mean sunspot. Healthy, not too hot Christmas, gained satisfaction from driveways and in general all the most…to..

  4. It was fun you experience here Ewcyna, even so online only, but surely we will meet somewhere sometime in the way, jeśli się spotkać mamy 🙂

    Lots of smiles accompanied me while reading this text, being able to read about certain symptoms, które i u mnie występują 🙂

    I would add such:

    – When you ask – where mieszkasz_ – slightly amused, however, due to the behavior of the seriousness of the question, answer the question: “But yesterday, today or tomorrow”? 🙂


    1. 🙂
      I am pleased to Gawor. I'm going to look around on the way, waving like what, because not every cyclist eager to chat.

      I would add one more:

      – Unless you have already przejechałaś / did you?
      – Here comes the reply 3000/ 5000 / 15000/ 25 000 km distance
      – and where you're going?
      – 30 km distance, do XYZ
      – what???? to tak daleko!!!!

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