Ministries of northern Luzon

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Tents but fortunately we found useful. We got to the west coast of the island of Luzon and appeared – but in a very insignificant number of – campsites. Specifically, the number of them accounted to one. But then we put ourtents several times in the local recreation centers called ministries. But let no one fool this name! The Filipino meaning “resort” characterized by location by the sea, often in the buffer zone of coconut trees and other banana. To this point sounds good, truth? To the resorts lead the ways as to Grandma's barn . The next characteristic of them are crumbling with age old smelly buildings, showers type of pipe in the wall and – It is already common in the Philippines – toilets without flushing. We do not, therefore, with joy, that we have these cellophane our own four walls, to you we are not obliged to let the premises called here grandiosely rooms.

Unfortunately, the prices do not reflect the quality of, and their height has nothing to zasięgniętych information from the Internet before you go :(. It's just quite expensive. Others unfortunately, Filipinos that we rather przynajmn iej – do not go. Hotels stand empty, because it's pre-Christmas period, but none of the money is not enough and he cums so much written and already.

But seriously, I don't expect luxuries and my lack of liking to order (…!) what is known to some, but that's what we see here can be called Kingdom of flimsiness . On the other hand, the fact, that in this climate of all murszeje incredibly fast so probably Filipinos consider, there's no need to strain.

We are now safely, but a lot of characters in the environment indicates, that, however, it is not. The shops are mostly barred, purchased through the window. Everywhere guards, Police officers with firearms. The most peculiar picture I found in shopping malls - overexpose things here at the entrance! Metaphorically speaking, imagine the entrance to the Mokotów Gallery or other Arcadia, where at every entrance is a guard, It puts things on tape.. just like at the airport. In supermarkets also at the entrance checked are handbags and backpacks and after taking purchases I checked shopping account.

Food does not impress, but it's not bad. It's hard to say where it originates.. based on rice (who eats a spoon), for that we buy is a part of the vegetable-meat which has been given to small, sometimes tiny saucers. We feed mainly on roadside dining-called “eatery”. Food is fortunately quite cheap.

Most in the Philippines so far I like the people – Usually friendship, polite and smiling.

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  1. Now I understand why the ship said,, that at some Philippine you had to learn, it is better to use toilet paper than fingers. I wanted to laugh, and I see, it could be seriously. Good, that a odezwałyście, because I started to worry. I enjoy your meal of rice with something there, how many times and how long will it eat? How stomachs, withstand?
    May was better than in India, because that's where food poisoning in the first week gets bundled with visa.

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