Pustynia Mojave i Dolina Śmierci

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Hardcore się rozkręca. Przez następne dni przemierzamy oszałamiającą przestrzenią pustynię Mojave. Pustkowia i przestrzenie będą nam już towarzyszyć w USA do końca. Na krajobraz składają się tony „tłucznia” – tak Janek nazywa tutejsze podłoże – i jakieś rachityczne rośliny. Bilans pierwszego dnia to: pustynia, 2 drzewa i 1 miasteczko w sensie 2 przecznice z kilkoma sklepami. W następne dni jest podobnie, z taką różnicą, że nie ma już w ogóle drzew, przecznic, miasteczek i sklepów.. Za to napotykamy na znaki drogowe typu „Next services 70 miles..”, ” Tarda 25 miles. No fuel In Tarda!". Klimat jest!

Because of the hot test drive variants: very morning ciurkiem (and cooler, but there is not too much later what to do on the property), with a long siesta and the second stage in the evening (unfortunately very intensifies August wind). Most often, with a driving, I do not even no where to make the stop - a brief stop in the sun, to drink and continue rowing. No tree or even a bulletin board, for which you would find a square meter shadow. Around the stones and stone top. Popatrzyłoby August the Polish lilacs and meadows umajone..

The most interesting for me to experience the Mojave Desert is watching Air Force training jet – oh the guys flying over us with such speed and so bezdźwiękowo, unfortunately, I'm unable to capture them even once in the picture. But I imagined I! The former anti-Soviet scout Scott, Then we meet the campsite says, that the exercise in the open air rather than military training often does not take place, because they are – what else – secret, no and that is why there is a good area to practice, I like ... Yeah Afghanistan, I know that in this case as it is in Afghanistan.

We get to the National Park Desert of Death. The fact – serve as guides – outflow depression in the Mojave Desert, while the largest depression in North America, the lowest point is at a height 86 m p.p.m. It is also the most dry and hot spot of America, one of the hottest places on Earth – heat record was here 57 degrees Celsius… Leading representatives of the scorpion fauna, Tarantulas, rattlesnakes.. company promises to previously. Representatives flora almost can not see.

This is also our first fall rest-day, ie the day without pedaling. Before dawn, however, most of the crew races to local places of interest - the bedrock of Zabriskie Point, to enjoy the sunrise (I do not pedaling, I prefer to admire the sunset ). Place visit the next day. It is magical.

Continued spend a day off, however, very static – the shop, in stock, behind the shop.. I go, where exactly is the shadow, because the campsite it completely lack. For entertainment, we are able to also jump into the pool … hot water. The campsite at Furnace Creek, where we are - and then it turns out to be the standard in American national parks - there is nothing but an outhouse and a tap with cold water. This is the most ecological approach is justified, but for us rest-day an opportunity for the accomplishment of a larger laundry and cooking, and here in this thread..

Leaving the valley of death, we had a choice 2 route – shorter, the first village after 50-60 km and longer, through the center of the Valley, at which there is nothing. Drove her bosses or Mary and Sigitas. let me give you tenderly the memory of that portion of the route Maryla:

I gave to persuade Sigitasowi the alternative route, in the lower Valley of Death, where the greatest depression in the western hemisphere so. Badwater. 120 miles from the driveway for two pass in the end of the day, to get out of the Valley and get to the oasis in the Shoshone. Me to such escapades usually do not need to persuade, but that on this tour was madness, we left the 11:30, I descended to us in August on the formalities at the office Valley of Death, where done through Aug. permit groups etc.

Hike in the same valley is not very difficult, finally in the lower depression, and then a long trip quite flat, albeit in a terrible heat, and sometimes with a hard wind. This was the worst wszystkiom, with these 120 km, there was not a single drinking water, only that at Badwater, which is a salt and saturated sodium chloride, not a single store, basest pub, home. Just nothing, where
you can stop, have a cup of, eat, hide in the shadows or in
air-conditioned room. You have to have everything with each other. After several hours of strong sunlight experienced allergic, We had to clothe. After Badwater, and tourists were thin on the ground, but on our way stood an angel on a motorcycle – Garret. Pressed a button and his wonderful machine opened up a chest of refrigerator, and in the dew dripping bottle of water – in our view
pulled out two and gave us. Garertt said: “Guys, I am crazy, but what you are doing here. You are completely crazy. May Got!’ At the end gave us a business card, napoisali we are told how he goes on.

In the evening dwojka Frenchmen in the car (stayed the, because I already opted for a ride after the First Pass) gave us a pot floats in water, that was a whole lot cooler than our leftovers. Unfortunately, the French reported, they saw a coyote and ask us to treat, and no, they can not take me, as full-rack of. Despite, the night was the full moon, clear and starlit, Body and soul was not relieved. Fortunately Ieva przyjechjala and took me out of the driveway on the other Przelecz, from 97 kilometer. I took my dear girl straight to the bar, where else before closing I managed to drink a two cold, foaming beer. Pool, hot springs no longer for me, was a shower with hot water – not too bad. Sigitas reached without assistance.

Last night in the desert spend crashing in the wild (although permitted site!) place in a climate in Mountain Spring, on the top of the saloon bikers (their motto: Bikes, Babes, Beer!). On this day (5 May) apparently the moon was closest to earth for some tj. dluuugiego time.. I'm sitting outside the tent, and I feel, with the next. Huge, Round, shining right in my face shield.

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