Bike in the world – guide for women


Although in my life I met a little, compared to men, Women traveling solo on a bike with a lot of'm in touch and know no, even with WOW – Women on wheels, that in Poland and in the world we are many.

Update text year 2019

Driving alone was not and it is not unusual for me, an act of desperation or would be incredible courage – ot, I like this, I was performing life itself and so it is traveling. I am aware, however, that beginnings are difficult – and for me, in many ways, too, were.

Because many people, mostly women, ask me what it's like to travel the same thought myself, with write about their experiences and share proven “patentami”.

1. Are not you afraid of obnoxious men? Do not get proposals “not from rejection”?

Well, Of course, I fear that.

I am convinced, the most important is not to provoke the appearance and behavior. While there I cover up the neck, I try not to provoke outfit – particularly in Asia, would feel very bad epatując even bare arms. In Muslim countries do not show you also with bare feet. While in Poland and Europe are different, ie. girls sometimes ride in the same opalaczach it in Asian countries, I visited a woman's body covered quite thoroughly before the sun and the male gaze. I do not know if that's the case, but only once, when I put the shirt “on straps”, and it was as if he was in a developed country, ie. Thailand rode up to me on the eye barely a teenager youngster and proposed obściskiwanie in the bushes. First, I did not want to believe and then chased him right where the pepper grows EXPLICIT Polish “posy”. A blouse no longer assumed.

What, however, if such a proposal is received?

To imply strongly, that one is not interested. Men often try, when you have the opportunity to see and, that woman is herself (often, not always). Added to this is the belief in the further corners of the world / outside Europe, that a woman is a woman from Europe “liberated”, who want sex any time of day or night, and no matter who does it. In Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz rode up to me on a horse and zagaił there as my sex life getting along. In the second sentence. Seriously. In Armenia took advantage of a ride and a pleasant sort of driver, road through fields boasted of his family and grandchildren would then propose without skrempowania obściskiwanko.

Once, when we traveled with a friend hitchhiked around the sunny Italy several times offered sex for money.

Fortunately firm “stop, wysiadamy” or departure ends the conversation.

Was there something wrong to me, despite the precaution? Yep, I was twice attacked in Iran sexual. I ended up in Iranian court. Unfortunately, Iran is not a country for cycling solo female travelers, although it is considered to be extremely friendly to foreigners, but solo woman on a bicycle there is another category. My friend also had trouble there. Smaller, tylu łapanie za tyłek czy piersi tudzież bardzo poważne.

What else? Do not accept invitations to a common drinking – believe it or not, while over 3,5 month stay in the Caucasus did not drink the local bimberku, that is: “traps in”

2. How to organize your accommodation, mainly “sleeping in the wild”?

For many years, for me it was an insurmountable obstacle. Yes, often slept “in the bushes”, but always in the company of. Kilak years ago when going solo I spread a tent somewhere on the Bug, it even though it was close to some farm fields that night shaking pants and I listened upcoming dangers. Teraz wkładam zatyczki do uszu 🙂

Przed wyruszeniem w podróż do Azji przeszłam “course sleeping in the wild” z nowo poznanym w trasie znajomym, którego sama o to poprosiłam. The main rule is “what eyes can not see out of mind”, in practice, preferably a:

– find yourself a seat yourself, for example,. entering the side road, not question him about it people
– not to be seen (which is not always possible, of course,). Place you can select a previously, but putting up a tent as late in the day, ie how is the so-called. “dusk”. Select a place like the least visible. After spreading the tent sort out a ew. necessary things in specific places and do not use a flashlight. Czytanie odkładamy do rana 🙂
– and advice from me: be somewhere in sight, say 1 some holding that in miles. greater way – if you can go there (but can not be too close, dogs because they smell and they will bark…)

It happened to me several times, that someone already came close to a chosen spots, and he saw me – In this case, the most I was looking for (unfortunately, because usually I'm tired and it's late) next. You never know what good will come to mind and whether or not he wants us to visit alone or with colleagues in the night.

You can even try to sleep “on gospodarza”, or ask for the opportunity to spread a tent on someone's yard / field / meadow. If this is someone you should ask area! In Europe, it is unlikely to be a problem, but in Asia. There is simply no space “under the tent”.

It would seem, that this is the safest way, but I rarely I use it. I do not like too much to ask, This first, secondly, just as it once did (Formula) at night under my tent came a host of colleagues, made drunk himself into a stupor and not to entertain themselves by making jokes and I thought, I would die of fear. No, thank you, I prefer to sew up somewhere where no one will know me.

It all sounds like a survival school, but it really is not so bad. Można się przyzwyczaić 🙂

I would add, that the issue of sleeping in the wild and safety varies by region. While traveling in Asia, I felt much safer than in Europe and also take it easy as never – at times, that slept in the open, etc.. in Japan it has nothing at all not afraid. More liked to hide, to me one “not crawl in the tent”. I have a theory, Asian sense of security that has to do with religion (buddyzm) i tego, that there do not drink either so do not drink alcohol. Alcohol changes people very much and it's a potentially dangerous. I also remember, how robbed I have known and not known cyclists in Poland and Ukraine (for example,. Michael Salaban when traveling with Nordkappu at Cape Agulhas) – were on view, and the locals know, where they decompose and they came in the night. I think as well, the better to breathe in the cold.

3. Logistyka w podróżyjak sobie radzić w pojedynkę?

If you do not give yourself, prosić o pomoc, choćrzadko stosuję, bo nie lubię prosić 🙂 Wiadomo, Coming from someone's safer and easier, However, because the person may be at the luggage while the other goes to the store, etc..
I always cought bike and if it is possible to please someone, drew attention to him. In other cases, related to such. of carbon storage, also frequently hide honor in his pocket and ask someone for help.

4. How do you cope with bicycle repairs?

Well, ashamed to admit, almost can not handle. I know how to patch and replace the inner tube, I guess all. However, this is not the reason, da which would cancel the trip. You can always grab the opportunity and come to some bicycle magician (I mean I hope, that always ..)

What else can I do, to feel safe?:

– apply the principle of limited trust and common sense – something tells us, that we do not feel well here is a go; do not say exactly where the going, use words “maybe”
– do not ride in the dark, but it is essential to have efficient lighting bike
– have a charged cell
– inform others where it is going and to keep in touch (it just is not my principle, but rather should be)
– have a supply of water and food

I have found, that a woman traveling alone arouses feelings in others the most caring and the desire not to harm.

If you feel, that travel by bike is something you do not be afraid, Just get on the bike and ride! The main thing is to take the first step. Save sense, however, and do not underestimate the fact, that you are a woman. It really makes a difference, the further away from Europe, the more.

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  1. I just stand in front of a dilemma, or go by yourself and fulfill your dreams (Unfortunately, all the time I find more against than for :-(), if, however, you look for someone to society and thereby … put off their dreams come true on the shelf … As I read your entries with experience “I pedal under the table” 🙂 Uwielbiam jeździć na rowerze, move the entire Majdan forward … For now, I'm behind 2 razy przejechane polskie wybrzeże i maraton z Wrocławia do Kołobrzegu 🙂 W tym roku jadę na 2 weeks to Sweden and, unfortunately, apart from the inner excitement for the adventure, I feel a little fear … While I am taking their son with her, years 15 (little force, but he agreed to :-)) , ale w naszym duecie to on bardziej wymaga opieki niż ja 🙂 Mam nadzieję, that everything goes well and next year I'll win more “enchanted rewiry”. Greetings from an air conditioned office room!!! 🙂

    1. Hello Justine,

      The mere writing, że “look for someone to society and thus put off their dreams come true ..”. I find it hard to persuade anyone to do anything, but it looks to me like, that the arguments against, that among you there you can easily eliminate. I just recently the company for several weeks, very suited, but always stronghold, that if I waited for the company I'd never get out of the house did not move. Trip with his son is a good start, I remember, as well colleague took with her 15latka and it was fun.
      I wish you spełaniania of your dreams. Nie odkładaj tego na później 🙂

  2. With Ewcyna, Such posts reassuring after daily listening to what the world is and how dangerous it is better not choose alone on the road. How will I next week slept alone in the woods, certainly I think about your blog, in particular sentence “I have found, that a woman traveling alone inspires other frequently feelings of caring and a desire not to harm.” In my experience too, so results. I see, that unless you have a yellow tent, I bought orange, I wonder, or too much I will not cast eyes crashing into the wild… What do you think? Justine, I hope, that your dreams!

    1. Welcome Mola! In all longitudes heard, that what I do is dangerous, and I think, that you should just use common sense and listen to your own intuition. Keep away from people under the influence of alcohol.

      As for the tent – hmm.. no, my tent is green, but the interior is yellow, in hot climates only spacing inside and frankly it just bothers me, this color. If you want to hide this breakup at dusk.

      Well, very good luck! ps. ja też w przyszłym tygodniu biorę rower i namiot i będę spać w lesie 😉

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