Rice terraces in the rainy land

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Nothing would associate with Asia more than rice and rice fields view weekdays newcomer first time tourist to the area after a few days of traveling. So what is it about the rice fields in the Philippines Cordillierze, that the status of UNESCO World Heritage?

Jeepney climbs the steep mountain slopes of the third hour, remarkably efficient road holding pebbly, seats representing the red fuzzy goo. avoiding rolling off a cliff. As soon as we leave Sagada and we cross to the other side of the mountain the sun hides behind the clouds and dense fog enveloped the way. Our small group is made up of a small number of foreigners laughing, everyone came here for one purpose - to see the rice terraces in Banaue.

We arrive just before noon, and despite a slight drizzle quickly decide to hire a guide and go for trekking. The mountain village of Batad, which offers the most beautiful view of the terraces is situated away from busy roads, leads him steep, rocky and very wet track today. It is slightly, oh no. Knowing, it's the only road leading from the village to the city man takes humility. Passing us all residents must carry on their backs. We ourselves after a few hours of entertaining the goats and mountain goats barely zipi, and after returning hardly anyone else has the power to speak.

Our guide is a young boy with long black hair and a little Indian features. The teeth and the mouth is slightly red from chewing mommy, that is, the local betel – plants, that animates the body and mind and by the way makes. Apparently Momma chews here every, even children. The question "do you have list?"Is also how we learn a way to establish a conversation with someone.

It rains constantly and we begin to lose hope that anything at all will see. Although the sun does not go, This, however, after reaching the place I already know, it was worth it. Mists slightly move away to reveal a magnificent view - the mountains which cover the slopes of rice terraces, The most beautiful feature of which is the amphitheater arrangement on the slopes. This is the work of man is already rumored since 2000 years old and still works.

We stay overnight in Banaue, to be a little dry, and the next day, other, no less dangerous and no less charming mountain road back to Baguio, where we left bikes. Episode ok 200 miles overcome in some 7 hours. This is not the end. We decide not to waste time, only to go back to Manila the night bus, as soon as possible to change the ferry and arrive on the island. Though, that every bus cruise also full cargo role, intimidating carrying amount of packages and parcels somehow manages to have our bikes also umościć.

Granted, the exploration of the bicycle - jeepneyowo - walking Luzon gave us exactly the signs. I adhere to the principle of, that the journey should primarily be fun and not be primarily a struggle.. and no more was here, however, that other. Now we want to get to know other, more friendly face of the Philippines.

No cóż.. we arrive at the station in Manila on 1 at night and kiblujemy there until morning. Even though we are able to sleep on plastic chairs! With joy and not without wandering the local harbor area (an unforgettable experience) we arrive at the ferry terminal when it is only, to learn, with tickets to all ferries IN EVERY DIRECTION were sold out several days in advance.. well, , also here last season urlopowo-Christmas. We are desperate. We want to go ANYWHERE, as long to get out of the worst of the possible cities ... the overpowering stench and dirt are unbearable.

Nobody counters no longer offers hope to buy a ticket and podłamane we no longer know what to do. When we go out bothers me (pozdrawiając oczywiście radośnie jak to Filipińczycy mają w zwyczaju 🙂 jakiś strażnik. I asked him if they're the only airline operating on the local seas to which he podumał and answered - is still the one small boat.. flows to the island today to Coron Busuanga… . YEs, yes, yes! Something this name she said.. This island seems to have been on the line of the typhoon.. It is difficult to. Risk and buy tickets. The net check only, that yes, This island has suffered badly, but rebuilt loss and in desperate need of tourists.

Coron - arrive! And there can be useful even our two pairs of hands to help?

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  1. ….I read with interest your texts written with verve reporter . You are like Jacek Hugo-Bader in a female issue….

  2. Ewuśka, I read today, all in one breath, you are amazing girls!!! Zdjecia przepiekne 🙂 Zycze Wam duzo sily i czekam na dalsze relacje!!! I uwazajcie na siebie i bawcie sie dobrze 🙂 Pozdrawiamy Was serdecznie!!!

  3. A i ta ostatnia historia mnie rozczulila 🙂 Kwintesencja Azji 🙂 niby nikt nic nie wie, ale wszystko sie da ostatecznie zaltwic 😀 przypomnialo mi sie jak w Tajlandii gonilismy rozklekotanym songtewem autobus rejswowy, to us uciekl, despite, ze mial nie uciec 🙂
    adventure, przygoda 🙂 bawcie sie dobrze dziewczyny, a ja sobie tak tu cichutko pozazdroszcze 🙂 BUZIAK!!!!

  4. View of rice fields in the pictures is wonderful. I look forward to what might be surprised on the island of Coron and if you arrive there safely a small little boat.

  5. We reached. The trip was quite enjoyable. We were supposed to be about 12.00 and, therefore, already on 18.00 ferry / LDKA zwienęla to port. Unfortunately, wrapped sideways, Operating manual and then laid the thin board, after that you had before squeezing between the railings to jump ashore. I am afraid such a tightrope and a little too much I lost my nerve, but alive. ZPCH the variety was wniebowizięta, you envy her.
    Psotawiłysmy tents on the landing pub ponwonie some Chinese because it was a better option than hiring a so-called. Room.
    I sit now and try to devise what further. Chbya first will be on tour this wyspke in search of paradise beaches…

  6. Do not forget to bring a little mommy to another party Crotosu. to revive the body and soul. Byśmy się wyluzowali 🙂
    Pleasant experience to the next island. From Coron Palawan is not far to, but this is like heaven on Ziemia.

  7. Read, ogladam, podziwiam i pozytywnie zazdroszcze 🙂 Powodzenia Ci zycze w dalszej podrozy i z niecierpliwoscia czekam na kolejne posty.
    Happy New Year's Eve, and once again good luck!

  8. Dear, thank you again – albeit with a delay, bo na przełomie roku udało nam się nie mieć zasięgu 🙂
    Cobyście not forget about yourself and care about each other.. to wazne.
    Health, the beautiful expeditions, meetings, friends.. Coby to thrive!

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