Thus ended my American Dream and time to reflect on.
U.S. positively surprised me. I felt safe on the roads, it was also really clean – the law is there largely respected as it turned out. People in 99% they were friendly, do not bug me, even this, what the Americans usually annoyed me earlier or "rubber" smile. It's better than our – Polish, and me too – discontent. I've never seen crazy on the road and stumbling drunk chojraków. No one can RESUME word, or act as a, they just wanted to have the. Well, of course, aware, there's plenty of dangerous places, but we do not need to be in a dangerous place, countryman to you "for free" vein with a bunch of.

The downside, of course, but I include hopeless food that is ubiquitous burgers and coke in the morning. In small places the inventory in stores mainly consists bars, chips and sweet fizzy drinks. Bread does not deserve my view on the name, of vegetables in the American diet is mainly puck onions and leaf lettuce in a burger. The supermarkets are sold in huge packs all mutants. Ice cream, which tempted the 2 times were inedible, the taste of sugar. The small apple pay a dollar and above, greengrocers generally not.

Aura pampered us so much, that in addition to just a few drops of rain 2-3 times from the time the sun was shining (period, where I was going to the end of April-beginning of June). After some time, the heat pouring from the sky was hardly pampering. There were messages, the record was a scorching first half of the year in the U.S. (Our Long-distance runners, who drove the whole expedition experienced a record rainy years later in Ireland and the UK).

As you can see there are pros pros positive and negative. For the vast majority of the former..

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