The beach at Boracay

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What can I say ... it's one of the best (Top 10 in the ranking of Lonely Planet) beaches and one of the most vibrant centers of entertainment in the world. A few miles of white sand and almost the same amount of cafes along the coast.. Mojito, Daisy, Piña colada .. and of course San Miguel our friend, This time, the promotion of "Happy hours: buy one – take one!"For a price three times higher than in the store. I wonder how many bottles you can get outside of the promotion? 🙂 Policjanci plażowi na rowerach wyglądali bosko, but they will not go far with these bikes… Shapely, dark bodies with the interweaving of the Philippine mixed with burned to different shades of red usually less attractive newcomers from other continents.

At the back of the beach street is already perfectly in accordance with the standards of the rest of the Philippines – Tiny, noisy, unlit, unattractive….

I came here for a few hours (because I can not afford to spend the night) – hard to miss such a familiar place. I am alone. Parted with Zocha and each goes into more convenient for her direction. I managed to get on the ferry (which was not at all to be, and miraculously was) on the island of Mindoro, Zocha flowed to the island of Palawan, where he will spend a few days on the ride from El Nido to Puerto Princessa where you will have to evacuate for a week or plane home.

And I already am in central Philippines in the Visayas Islands (supposedly the most beautiful) and I truly hope for a nice ride.

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  1. Eve!
    Today, I read out three of your stories wholesale, because it appeared on the website. Science,that with us in Lodz warm and sunny so be careful, to u you did not show up snow and frost …. I admire you,of you have the courage to go ahead alone into the unknown. Describe as much local detail. Just, looking at the picture in the form of a helmet with a bike on the beach wondering whether you or Sophie and nohow did not pasowałyście to Image. Now I know,with a police officer. He probably pushed this bike only? Are you seeing cyclists on the road rating of saddlebags?
    Take a few photos can the local children- always thankful about.

  2. These pictures were awakened by the wildest memories. To było too many happy hours, just a day in paradise. We stood on the anchor, wet landing on the beach in Boracay. The island went OK, back worse, niedotrwała half water and powpadała.
    Life is a party. !The vide is a party!
    Wide road Eve.

  3. Peter – Enjoy, the wildest woke memories:) – I do not have such, but the fact, that Boracay is the perfect partyplace and I spent the night there is a longer posiedziałabym. They fell into the water for a rumored two days later, tourists, those who sail the local means of transport or boat bangka (every time I go to him that I wonder whether we reach ..).
    Eve – thank you, somehow to have been successful…
    Myrrh – yet so nei is what really admire.. and Sophie also rode week alone!
    Rowrzystów not meet, I am single ship, Alien course. I need to figure out what to say why I'm going ludizom, I ask the, or of the Peace Corps I, misjonarką etc., the drive for driving is highly unimaginable.
    Children because it's so obvious images not too much Robiola, ale powoli nadrabiam 🙂

    Worse, here comes the cyclone, some rain every week to take…. :(((

  4. And kanapie accomplish, what a pleasure! It is for her break in the wilderness, bones hang, cold showers on hot flush back. Z tej perspektywy serdecznie Ci współczuję 🙂
    But now I begin to wear, I sit on the internet, maybe even for a week somewhere in the snorkling? Long on the couch does not give advice…
    Palawan is wonderful, quiet,clean, green, I would recommend to anyone. Stay, you can do it.

    1. “Travel, after all does not begin at the moment, when we go on the road, and does not end, when we got to the finish. In fact begins much earlier, and virtually never ends, because tape storage revolves us on, although physically in a long time we move from place. After all, there is such a thing as being infected with the travel and it is a kind of disease basically incurable.” – R. Kapuscinski

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