New York, New York


Nocny lot i juz jestem w Nowym Jorku, gdzie spędzam 4 days. Przylatuję bez żadnej mapy i o dziwo takowej nie dostanę na lotnisku, punkty Informacji Turystycznej oczywiście nie istnieją .. albo ja na nie nie trafiam. Na szczęście w metrze dostaję mapę komunikacji miejskiej i docieram nim do centrum – ku mojemu zadowoleniu z JFK jest taka możliwość. Na rower potrzebny jest osobny bilet za 1 USD.

W Nowym Jorku mieszkam i kręcę się 3 dni jedynie po Manhattanie, który generalnie nie jest duża wyspą. Miasto podoba mi się, ale nie tak, żebym tam chciała zamieszkać czy coś takiego.. pierwsze brudne miasto na trasie w USA no i tłoczno oczywiście. I visit do not have anything on the inside because I baardzo my host with Servasu (with whom I was staying) scared, to steal bikes here criticizing the power of my newly purchased before leaving clasp. But very like the Central Park, which is a huge, and for that I encounter on Saturday there Tango Party.. people of all races and ages just dance tango. Very Climate.

On the way back I decide to get to the airport in Newark bike. However, this requires a lot of perseverance, courage and resourcefulness - remember, with around only highway.. locals could hardly outline me a detour option, at the end of which I have been just flip over the rail bike airports…

Packing August unfortunate as it turned out, however, left the saddle with seatposts on luggage. I have done so several times already, in the U.S. too, no one had anything to, However, during the on-przesiadce in London you martinet insisted August, to me it still does not let go, well, because .... I can finally use the seatpost as a weapon. I found, it's even a good idea and can I use the seat post, to give him the head, I had to run through it for half Airport, to exit and re-enter nadawając only the saddle ... Which meant the need to pay a fee for an extra piece of baggage in excess of the value of approximately 2 these saddles.. Fortunately, I had enough time to do and nice ladies at the briefing in August took pity on my plight and not policzyły the saddle for the second unit.. there are still good people in airports.. and even to its packaging one of them pulled out from under the counter and gave me a … Ruthenian little plaid purse! Accordingly, already traveled two, because after all, the first giant was already my bike…

And so it got to Warsaw, where I made a bike being closely watched by a number of football fans from Greece (for 3 Days began the tournament UEFA Euro 2012) and went home.

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