My small Greek holiday

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Well it was great to work with you, but you were here such a short time, only two weeks. .. said Yiannis wincing, when he pronounced the last number. I was leving the place Meteoras with regret, because the place is by all means unique, but aso with a deep conviction, that this is the most appropriate thing, to do at that time.

It would be hard for me to explain to him, and him and others that probably understand, that for me and these two weeks a lot of parking, after a week I felt like a closed circle ogłupiającym perform the same operations. In fact, it's not so funny, become unable to heat build-anywhere space. And it does not at all.

At my place came Marika, German woman before 40-KA with extensive experience in this what they call "voluntary". Purposely used quotes, because although my experience is a little talk to her as well as tracking the discussions on the internet come to the conclusion, that often the word is overused and wolonatariat confused with cheap / almost free labor force. The rules specify the portal workaway, that is a job 4-5 godizn day 5 times a week for an apartment and 3 meals a day. Nevertheless, that in many places it is still hears many, where he works a lot longer, that there are no days off or, that there is no board. In the name of what, then, would I be in such a place? But they are. Most young, still quite confused people agree to such conditions not knowing how to enforce their rights. Marika worked on the basis of just such voluntary in an exclusive guest house in Malaysia. Is the owner of such an expensive place simply can not afford to employ staff? I asked. Rich people know, how to earn more - Said smiling Marika.

"My" in Kalambaka was fine, but often the more I looked into the fridge, the less I saw there (eggs and yoghurt). The easier it was me go because accommodation at the end of his I have a food and so I had a rebuy. It's not that. I felt, that only I wasting time.

I left knowing, it will be an uphill. Hot, moist air during the day makes, the sweat pouring out of me ciurkiem and in the evening or at night still haunt me storms. Almost constant element mainly nocturnal exposure. Once he even found a place to stay, I broke the tent, I made the evening oblucji, I jumped into the night gown and washing teeth I see on the horizon lightning, horizontally and vertically.. 11 in the night, I give of words, not now ... noooo. It was so scary, that curled noclegowisko and skitrałam to the nearest village, where I waited storms at the supermarket Lidl. Then, just I spread his tent in najciemniejsyzm alley parking lot after it, by about 5 am this blinded me there fluorescent. It was not very romantic night. sometimes.

young housewife

Another day anchored for the night in the chapel of St. Nikifor. A view of the surrounding mountains, gorge and the monastery of St., which is perched on the top of the hill on the opposite bank made, although the end of the day there is still a lot of time I decided to stay there for the night. At this place, seemingly desolate and distant from the surrounding villages with the advent of the evening began to be pretty busy. First, I heard the sound of bells, and then by clearing swept a herd of goats, mecząc i becząc, wyskubując of the dried, red, skawalonej ground a few blades of grass. Then people started coming. Young man working in denim, an elderly couple, one, second.. woman took me by the hand, He dragged to the edge of the escarpment and explained something about the history of this place. Why chapel here was.. - It was hard for me to understand the knowledge of a few words of modern Greek cross.. it was getting dark and the people still came to light candles, pray, thank you for the next day.

young housewife

Once dusk drove away ostatatni car illuminated walking in the depths of the road form. It was a while, but no one came. He was there, He stood in the dark? I took a flashlight and went to meet the lighting of the surrounding bushes.

Hi! I cried. In the darkness I could see only a red glimmer burning cigarette.

Hi! You answered me out of the darkness, but no one there means not move.

Only this was missing - anxiety that I am here alone, with someone pointed it out and did not even deign to show. What's the matter, how can you sleep?

Daxi, daxi (ok, ok) I hear after a long time, during which przechdzą my mind different scenarios. From the darkness emerges a form and goes to chapel. I see only a piece of facial – snub nose and mustache lit the flame burning lamps. One or two lights and a go.

I felt, that morning will come again. A local shepherd, done now so that I fear the night brings a cup of coffee and then another two bottles of water. We talk in sign language and then already in silence with me looking like I give noclegowisko, escorts me to the road and waving goodbye. He is going the other way at its equipped with an audible alarm bicycle.

young housewife

How would I want such a contraption! How would I want anything, which deter these shaggy, I often reaching almost to the waist barking at the sight of me from afar sierściuchy. Mountains are beautiful, goats and sheep blissfully ringing bells on mountain glades, but at the sound start to react nervously looking around because I know, they are accompanied by. Sheepdogs are doing their job. Too well. Several times I manage to overtake them, although usually they respond poorly to a proven way or "sudden stop", but when one morning a dozen pieces goes behind me and chase me surrounds, shepherd runs from the opposite hill and throws in there.. canister with stones and tells me to take these shoots (wiśta wio, easy to say - it was uphill) I already have a decent scared and I'm sick.

You want to go this route??!! There is almost no villages, This is a lot of dangerous dogs! Especially in one site, always that way when we go by car this crazy dog ​​lunges at auto. We look forward to then, that we are in the middle of the car.

Woman, I asked for directions stares at me with horror in her eyes. He goes even asks her husband, which also negatively nod confirming her fears. Often I hear about (no) safety of this and that, as a rule, I think it is exaggerated, but this time hit a nerve. My mind's eye I see a dog jumping down my throat. Ah! Well enough, I will not go there, daxi, daxi, ok, ok.

In the end, I always land in Mary and Max for the night. Placement of a tent in the backyard. Small entwined vines chatynka without the applied current, humming stream, a couple of cats and a dog complete the picture rusticity of the place.

They moved here less than a year earlier Thessaloniki, They run a small shop in the center of the small, charming mountain town Velvento. The village makes me very positive w4rażenie. In the evening, the whole market is alive, kids are running, elders sit in cafes, there are shops with local wine and rarity – church from the fourteenth century with external frescoes. Masterpiece!

young housewife

I always wanted to live like this – quietly, no rush - Says Maria, but, when the topic becomes difficult situation in Greece breaks off the conversation. Let's hear more silence - he says.

We sit in silence, We eat juicy melon, and I feel, that there's more. Morning, When Max goes and we are almost the same Maria explodes torrent of bitter words. They can not afford board and lodging in Thessaloniki. Unable to find work conducted here, to the village, because their lives here almost free. The Government merely raises prices and taxes, 83% income from the shop disperse in different forms for different cash - taxes, Insurance. How can growin? What happens in this Greece? United Kingdom left the Union, Greeks in last year's referendum in favor of the same, and what? The government is deftly distorted and how it is. gang of thieves. Each pulls out his hand for the piece of land between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Go to the peninsula of Chalkidiki, ah how lovely there! changing the subject. I hear this is not the first time and after a few days cycling popycho-climbing in the heat decide to bounce from the nearby border with Macedonia in the Aegean Sea. It would not hurt me wet ass once or twice. In the end, I do not know when I will then mmiała such a possibility.

Chalkidiki has the shape of a fork with three teeth, each has a different clientele that visits him and another character. The first is pólwyspep Kassandra - entertainment place – beautiful beaches, hotels and discos, drugi Sithonia - the piniowy, sandy coves and clear blue water, Athos is the third - filled monastyrami sacred place inaccessible to women. "The Kassandra goes in to find a boyfriend / girlfriend, Sithonia going on with her beloved / the distinguishing, and at the Athos as you give up, "says local saying. Me every lokals recommending a second tooth or SITHONIA. I'm going admittedly without the other half, but with hope, that despite the high season I find a solitary place.

A tu – zonk! The coast of Thessaloniki narrow again quickly once almost standing in the middle of fields glided through government car. Every “odludne” the place was already populous, each ścieżynki emerge people. Well. Season. I did not plan this. I accept, therefore, the lack of the waves to sleep – Fortunately, they are everywhere peach orchards and olive groves.. Sometimes they even come there to visit unannounced guests. Sometimes satisfaction with the dinner also come for breakfast.

Pure'm for it, that a shame. Bathing in the sea this time, Beach showers two, Standard water intake to three. Days go by me soaking up, wash and pushing the bike up the hill and a few conventions and of lying in the shade. The undulating landscape is much easier to watch from behind a car window.

Not for speed, of course,, but with concern, however, I begin to look at the calendar, because the day rolls along 35-50 km.. Somehow I have the Polish for a month with a hook to get. Turkey dropped out, at least for now. I want now to bring this Greece, on goal I took Bulgaria because I miss you very much for normal prices. In general, Bulgaria I liked, we were there a few years ago.

Meanwhile I have a birthday day of rest. Obskurny, but quiet and as inexpensive camping hit me just in time, once dreamed about this very. Time for an afternoon swim and a cold glass of wine. In a few days I'll be up again.. But, as it used to say Scarlett O'Hara – I will think about it tomorrow.

young housewife

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  1. Eve,I read today in bulk your entries, because again- as you probably noticed- I stopped peek here.
    End of the year, stay in a sanatorium ( first and last time) and my holiday cycling in the Saxony and Moravia( I dare not call at your exploits this trip expedition) I slid completely from your computer.
    I'm still a few days in Moravia( Tom is also in our group of four) and how to get back home after 20 August I will read your posts regularly. Anyway, soon you'll be in Poland to talk yourself. I embrace you Urodzinowo. Myrrh

  2. rarely comment on, but often I read:) Good, from now you're going to Bulgaria (I was only once, bike on month, away from the sea; but I liked, because despite the familiar pinch or two of exoticism, people kindly indifferent, water plentiful and generally felt in there just fine, spot, not strive anyone and no in September temperature away from the sea they were already as for mnei quite ok). I thought about Greece, but that just does not dowalał heat and no fear of dogs…

    1. Hey Still, I am pleased to:)
      People sympathetic indifferent.. – no such that by. I was in Greece, Here are favorably nieobojętni! So much interaction with lokalsami what's in the 3 days I had in the Grejci 2 months – and I do not belong to the people supertowarzyskich how you can get an idea. I also have this question – where there was so much water ..? Because I so lacking in these Greek springs on each small square. And besides, it is super, You can eat at will, Prices finally normal means such as in Poland.
      Thanks also for your understanding in terms of temperature. As of this writing it break up protests – and in Poland it is so many.. no ok – please take your bike on the 40-degree temperature and a ride. I not as planned, but it came out. Also I love to September, I will only be guided toward the homeland, but I hope for a good-weather-sensory experience (fruits, vegetables!). Regards, Ewa

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