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Rowertour nr 5/2019 wywiad “Lifestyle” “My goal is the way”

Rowertour 2016 “Who Wind in the Willows”

Rowertour 2016 “where the axes, swords, arches ..”

Rowertour 2015 “Everyday life in the name of God”

Rowertour 2014 “Journey to the land of courtesy”

WAREHOUSE “TRAVEL” 2013 “On the way to Hokkaido”


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About me and my travels:

on page In Asia (Polish) i u Pushbikegirl (English)

2 TVP, “The question for breakfast”

TVP 3 – Kurier Mazowiecki (10 minute program)

Interview – stuff BTV for Internet TV

Interview for Radio Sochaczew

TVN 24 TO “Show us the world”

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