Manila, five in the morning

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and over 25 degrees when we land, then it's only worse. Weather-, but not limited to. Apparently I knew, that it is the third world, but the image of people sleeping on the street in this tiny children is depressing. Old houses and stinking courtyards.

Submission roweu something I do not go, biedolę with this almost half a day – I do it because it's the first time my new acquisition, but in the end he goes. We are starting to leave this place with hope for a better.

Yesterday we received almost-almost regular victims of con tourists. Example truly book. When we went walking in the direction of the old city that is. Intramuros prejechała cab around us. Her driver spoke,, disappearing in smiles, that the course costs only 50 weights (ie. some 7 PLN - 2 USD) and he willingly us obwiezie. Not really believed him and I did not want to this przejażzkę, but I persuaded Zocha. Made sure several times, that the fee is 50 pesos or “fifty”, which was repeated several times.

We made a circle, some an hour. We arrive to your destination, a guest is not so smiling and hinting something, that the special price is 15 that is: “fifteen”. What “fefteen”? opytuję because I do not understand. Well, I learn, że “fifteen hundred” that is, if I can well multiply it 15 x 100 Whose 1500!!! Of the seven got some 100 PLN - 2 USD!

Zocha naively thought, of it was our fault because I heard good prices and waving money file that was mentioned was about to pay. Meanwhile, he sat down on the step cabs little kid, we could not get out of it. Damn it gets me, as someone wants me to do in bambuko, Therefore, I went with some Greek, already pay, the kid was pushed, We got out and then say to Zochy – resorted! They do not want my 50 It pesos get nothing.

I rzuciłyśmy to flee across the coastal trzypasmówki full of cars. Our “delectable” cabby dropped for us horse whip lashing, but fortunately did not win with a rope moving cars, and we wpadłyśmy breathless for a hotel and sieziałyśmy scared there for over an hour fearing wyściubić nose. Hak as, maybe he was there waiting for us around the corner, ten drań?

We present fairly Manila. Shorten the stay and just leaving, hoping for a better experi-.

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  1. We had such an unpleasant situation in Syria on the ring road of the city of Homs. We wanted chickens. We made sure the pub orally at a price. After consumption proved, that came to be yet one zero. Poor platform for understanding language, over us the whole crew Sherman pub… what we are able to 'beat’ the desired amount to one-fourth. Came away with a big distaste. Also sorry sticky adventure, I hope, that the next will have only good, width!:)

  2. Hi Eve,
    Thanks for another update. Well, you have a nice start, as the saying goes hot shower and enjoying the big heat. Capitals miserable countries are often uninteresting. province should look much better. In Manila there are a lot of contrasts – are reportedly the largest shopping center in that part of Asia and in the middle of an ice rink. Except that this city looks like a ghost town. Watch out also for taxi drivers, they like strong stretch.

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