Let’s hit the Rockies!

Słowo sie rzekło i przemierzamy “the Rockies” czyli Góry Skaliste. – to znaczy tą część, która jest w stanie Kolorado, bo pasmo to przebiega praktycznie przez całą Amerykę Północną. Zadowolone krowy i równie zadowolone różnobarwne konie skubią sobie trawkę a my piłujemy z reguły pod górę.. Choć na szczęście chłodny wiatr sprawia, ze nie jest to aż tak uciążliwe, przynajmniej nie zawsze. Pogoda wciąż przepiękna, słońce.

Podczas rest-day’u czuję się jak na wczasach w tych góralskich lasach – that, ale w promieniach słonecznych nie opalamy się, bo temperatura w nocy jak u nas od braci ze wschodu (a tu jak sie mówi? the brothers from North Dakota? .. ). Brook flows slowly and hums nearby tent, This time yest-day such we are in a very real sense. Sleeping and lazing in the tent, pranko, grub and again lazing. No coercion watching something interesting in the neighborhood, no rush, wonderfully. I finally have time to read guide.

No truly alpine landscapes, but the aura or would be. One might say “gives you hell”- but in this case is inversely. At night, during the rest of the trickle-daya-9st was, Ryszard evacuated to a caravan Laundry, and Natalia with Wojtek in the morning took the toilet. That's not the purpose of the designated, but at least they survived thanks. The next night, part of the team rented houses preventive, even though it was already much warmer- only -6 st. C. Water in a bottle again I froze and one flip-flop, that came out of my tent also. The caravan pub, where we sat all evening arrived icicle. This cyclist Peter, that's the day he won the Monarch Pass, Our goal for the next day and the highest pass at road trips - 3500 m above sea level.

But – really beat the pass was not a nightmare, only 15 miles up the hill from the, with a fairly steep. All the time, however, it was sunny and the views are spectacular.

Rest-day were moving twice, because:
– the National Park Black Canyon of the Gunnison River campground appeared to be sleeping "in the bush", but this time without even a cold shower or water supplies or something – simply “enjoy the nature” (practice often sleeping "in the bush", but at least you'll have to fork out for a cash). But the same canyon – apparently the deepest in North America – really impressive.

– lake near Gunnison, where it was supposed to be "so beautiful" camp was even more charming, I was not even a bush, only something in the shape of mountain pine. The shower (with lukewarm water) for which ordered to pay 3 USD had – what else – zaiwaniać kilometers. But it was not even so important. The whole day, and even more night, were a curse. She jumped up storm, on the route instead of going it was pushing a bike because I could not even turn the pedals. And I was walking to the next pass dreamed, to an angel appeared and picked me and no .. My requests were answered:) But the storm almost killed the night my tent and me along with him. In earnest. Bands quite broken, tent not guessed by naciągom, which I used for the first time in its history and fastened wielgaśnymi stones.

On the last day of my ride will leave the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau generally, where it stayed for several weeks. I am happy, that is given to me was the return of, What was the reward for climbing multi-. Congress was really a lot - some 50 km distance, including 30 km superfast.

Before Pueblo, where I finish my journey starting uninteresting prairie areas. Are characterized by the, with a rather flat, way is as simple as wire, not a single tree or a house on the horizon just some wasteland that is the word – charms of Kansas. And also the following conditions, which lie on the Great Plains, that is, the central U.S.. That already cyclist Peter, who came from the other side and headed west, the password “Kansas” got almost spasms, go with beer (which certainly warmed him) the pub and repeated “Nooooo – Kaaansaaaaas – noooooo!” , which confirmed my belief, it was time to wash the house.

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