English lesson in China. tales

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flashcards, grammar and exercise declination? I have a feeling, that I'm learning the most from my students. Feel free to class a lesson from the life of the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom with a sweet and sour taste. Sometimes quite bitter. Sometimes it is fun, but today this is not.

Q. What did you do last summer? simple past tense

During the last holiday day I went to school

Hmmmm…. Why you had to go to school, when do you have your holiday? I do not really understand.

Because you have a lot to learn, to have good results. In China, there are a lot of people, and the competition is huge. We have a lot to learn, to have a good pass exams and get into a good school and then to college. We do not have holidays. Fiona lat 17

Q. What did you do yesterday? simple past tense

Yesterday worked out lessons.

Well, well, but we agreed, from there we continue to talk about homework…

But nothing else happened. Nothing ever happens. My life is very boring. Every day, I spend a lot of time at school and then for hours on homework.

Well, it may tell about your vacation ... what you did last summer?

The holidays are even more boring. You're not leaving, I have to sit at home alone, because parents work. My life is very boring. John, years 13


Q. If you were the leader of his country, what would you change? The second type of conditional sentences

Zmieniłabym education system in China. Chinese students spend their days in school, including weekends. Education lasts all day, a few hours in the morning and some in the afternoon, then another, most of the students have activities at private schools. Every day we come back home late, between 21-23.00, and then still you need a few hours doing homework. We are exhausted. Peter, years 14

Change a security management in our province. Kontrolowałbym people and vehicles outside the cities or at railway stations so, to stop potential criminals before they enter into the city. Continuous personal control at every step in Urumqi and the whole province of Xinjiang is a pain in the ass ... just a few months ago this was not here. I used to often drove dozens of kilometers out of town to the mountains to Nanshan, to skiing, Now before entering the city police stop and check every car and people. You have to stand on the highway even 2 hours waiting for control - people stopped to leave. private school, which leads my parents closed, I found, it lacks the appropriate counter-terrorism. This is sick. Anchor lazy 15


homework: Tell and the life of a famous person from the west, placing important date with her life on the timeline and talking about them” - Simple past tense

Oh, I did not notice, that you had to choose a person from the west .... , but I can tell biography of Mao Zedong (Tse Heavy), I know it by heart! Alicia lat 15

homework: "Choose a few key events from his life, place them on the timeline and tell them " - Simple past tense

Once I grew unusual animals - I kept a snake in the house and a large spider. Once it happened, that this spider escaped from a terrarium, and everyone in the house terrified. But it was a mistake, that I grew these animals. We liked it, but too much time took me to care for them, until finally they got rid. I also read a lot książek- Plato, Sokratesa, Nietzche because I like the philosophy - but now I know, it's a waste of time. I do not devoting enough time learning and I did not get to school No. 1 or 2 - Is the best secondary schools in Urumqi – because I did not have a sufficient number of points. Now, I would do it differently.

What would you do differently?

Odłożyłbym spending time on a hobby until, until I finish learning. Hobby is a worthless waste of time. " Adam, years 16

I did not do the homework. All events, which I found to be important in my life were sad. All. Yes I do 22 years and my father is an alcoholic. Jesteśmy Ujgurami, Muslims and Islam forbids drinking alcohol, but my father did not observe the. My mother made a lot, to come out of addiction. As a private bank employee does not earn much, but he collected money and sent his father to Mecca. You know, that of Muslims is so, that at least one man every two generations must go to Mecca? My grandfather was not there, so fell on his father. Unfortunately nothing after this trip has changed, drank as before. Well, little changed after the birth of my younger brother. brother has 3 years and I see, that the father, who is now 50 years to understand how much of an influence on him and us his habit, I see, that seeks to change. I still can not convince him, I hate him, but also I love - it's finally my father. Tom lat 22

I take a deep breath and fall over the pages of the book, so you could not see the tears


Vocabulary: Health, diseases, doctor visits

Fond memories of stays in hospital, As a child I've been there quite often. It was the only time, when anywhere I not hurry and I had the opportunity to reflect on my life. Artur years 18


What do you do every day at work? Present simple

I am a civil servant. It's a good job, which for any reason is not lost. Do not earn much, but the job is guaranteed for life. We often have meetings. When we have a meeting I then write his report. We must know, which was at every meeting. If I was not at the meeting, is sent to all summary, which then have to summarize in your own words and send it to the person, that led. Such summary of abstracts.Maria lat 27

What's your brother or sister does every weekend? - Present simple

But I have no siblings

That's the question I have materials to learn English created by the central school in Shanghai. Question least abstract in China - a country, who until recently used a one-child policy (recently you have two children, he noted, that the country is aging and someone has to earn money for retirement). Almost all the Chinese students (apart from Uighurs) they are an only child. For the birth of her second child threatened with fines and social - the child could not get a check in, and no meld is practically man-spectrum.

My Lord, you! How lucky, I was not born in China.

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  1. It is sad and scary! The poor kids without a happy childhood. In fact, even without.
    When I think now of the local education system and “exhausted” teaching children English, until it does not want to believe, at the same time in two different countries may be so drastic difference in approach to learning.
    I'm in shock!

    1. The local children can not believe, that can only be 5-7 hours a day in school and finish of 13.30 e.g.. and that not every day is something inflicted. Nightmare

    1. Mirka, nothing popsulaś, I simply have to approve the comment if the person entered after the first.

  2. With great interest I read your posts, and I'm glad,with live here where I live and work in our educational system, even taking amendment to the currently introduced reformę.Jestem pelan admiration,with you managed to adapt to the treatment of teachers in Urumqi. Everything on Moonlighting. but you can see,that you're a professional in dealing with difficult situations and hopeless. Your bicycle storage was- as you can see- a good school of life.
    describe, describes…I am waiting for relationships.

    1. Oh Mirko, Such a professional with me, that lately sprinkled with stress because in fact the unpredictability of each day, silly programs lesson and lack of time is the most vexing.. almost taken the decision to change kept me significant hike this week. We'll See, whether it will be sufficient motivation in the long run.

      I am happy, I can show a little bit of the local truth, but I do not think, I in you post described teachers – I focused on the students and the image of their life, which emerges from the perspective of lessons.

      I prefer the school of life on the bike and I can not wait to continue the. I will try to write, of course, – spring is coming, day long, misie się budzą to ja moze tez 🙂

    1. Myrrh, Thanks for the memory and care, but it is true, that work absorbs me completely, I'm still learning and n is a lot of lessons, and once these are two days off is a lot of other things you need to do a round tudzież bike.. Zbieram materiał na nastepny wpis 🙂
      I know, that you're not fejsbukowa, but what if you dine there and check, czy żyję 🙂 pozdraiwam!

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