Korea – four women

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I felt in my sleep, like someone's hands impose on me a blanket. I felt good, Warmer – I sank deeper into the chair, I pulled the blanket to each other and then I fell asleep. When I woke up in front of me was a tray with breakfast and a stewardess asked the immortal question: "Coffee or tea?". For some 2 hours we had to land in Seoul.

Caring Hands belonged to sitting next to Korean. I paid attention to her immediately after the boarding gate, when standing astride two neighboring vigorous stuffing the seats on top of your bags, then nodding showed I gave her my, well, pushing them other. I had far more experience with residents of Korea, but it is certainly different from the stereotype of the meek, complaisant women with which they identified. On my tray within podarku at once landed and new treats – chocolates, masełka, dżemiki and crackers, Nam is translated to me from his. It was nice and I felt very well "taken care of".

Then I met Rim, twenties smiling girl, member Warmshowers, which took in me the first night after traveling. Sam just came back from 3 month solo bicycle trek through Europe - undeniably the case given the fact, that never before on a bike is not traveling. Hooray for the lady! Entertained me in his small, a cunning electronics flat, so that I could relax and finally get out of the state of "zombie". Rim counting down the days and hours until the next weekend after finding, he does not like to go to work and on the varsity does not like, because too much time is spent in front of computer. He wants to travel. I wish her the welcome.

The third woman, Evaluna is overworked trzydziestokilkulatką, which took in me under the coachsurfingu to its microscopic apartment in the center of Seoul. For a change this locale was not even stuffed with electronics, but books and clothes, besides, he was still a small piece of the floor on mats spread. Przegadałyśmy whole hours with Eva, so was interested in Polish reality (especially this time zaprzeszłym – time wojenny etc.), stories of my life and travel. I also passionately listened to her stories and opinions about their country, residents and customs. With her story emerged very positive image of Korea as a country overpowered lust of money and people who are able to do everything, to get this money. „Money makes the world go round” śpiewała Liza Minelli .. Korea, State destroyed as a result of many wars, more recent occupation by Japan, divided in the 50's on two separate selves - North Korea and South, which is due to the extraordinary discipline and zatracaniu the work of its population grew in the 90s on one of the major economic powers of the world. It seems to, that Evaluna but tired of the Korean reality a bit like me in some respects Polish and willing poszukałaby his paradise on earth somewhere outside the home. On odjezdne invited me to her again.

It is still Soonyu. Soonyu is a young Korean, Yoga teacher, I met two years ago in New York in an apartment of my host organization Servas. A half-hour conversation was enough, we remained in contact. Soonyu is a fan of the music of Fryderyk Chopin - although the fact, that the people of Japan and Korea delight the music of the famous Polish composer was known to me, it still embarrasses me that, they know about it more than I do, born 2 kilometers from Zelazowa Wola. While completely left me speechless as Soonyu seat in the mail once quoted favorite poems of Wislawa Szymborska. And who here is a man of the world?

Soonyu is now in Seoul, but she could not meet, because it participates in organizing a series of concerts of Chopin. We're going to see how we will visit again the capital of South Korea, probably somehow per month.

South Korea and four women, that made my start on this earth easier, more interesting and more beautiful.

Undoubtedly also easier and more beautiful made my start cycling infrastructure in Seoul. People, you have to see, ride and experience! It's not bike paths, to istne arterie, and on them hordes of cyclists. Additionally, my heart went back picnicking in the middle of the city Koreńczyków – with such acceptance for bicycle and tent my life in Korea should roll smoothly. W drogę!

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  1. Ewa , you have a good positive energy , which are separated from your body and you always attracts good people. Deliver the good energy not only to people seen on your bike trail , but also the , who are tracking your cycling trip. ! – I cordially greet ….

  2. Ewa, I came back with pleasure to your blog. The new journey I wish you the same friendly people and favorable circumstances, but with this as you can see you have no problem. Regards.

  3. Eve! Welcome you in Asia, although in Poland did not have the opportunity to meet me and the phone only pogadać.Ja always knew,with the heat WOMAN, goodness and kindness and I'm glad,with women from the ends of the world have confirmed you this obvious truth. It's great,that on a good day in Korea have such feelings. Write as much about the people and customs encountered, because I go there and it is fun to broaden their horizons narrow knowledge.

  4. Eve,I'm glad, that start in Korea,był tak przyjemny 🙂 zdjęcia są super,a “Path” Cycle- unbelievable! I envy you move, after such bicycle highways. For onward journey, I wish the same positive and I look forward to the next entries.
    Pictured with family piknikującą, There are also many tents- people break them there for the purpose of picnics?

  5. Good luck,positive experiences every day, human kindness, durable bike, stubbornness in reportage on the whole expedition

  6. Only envy. For now implement its plan, to somewhat independent from job. Currently I can not afford to travel so long but no longer 29.10 startujemy do Nepalu i będziemy próbować wjechać na pierwszy Base Camp w drodze do Everestu 🙂

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