I am Cambodian! I am Polish!

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Do you know where you have to stay in Phnom Penh? I heard on the parting in Sihanoukville.

Go to SmallWorld. They are very fond of cyclists there. It is somewhere here - Living with Tom in the church from Kazakhstan began to draw his foot in the sand outline of the town. There is an airport, then you turn here.. street number 604 or 608. Somewhere in this area will. A friend of mine once told me, there willingly spend the night with people like you, what are traveling by bicycle. It just so ridden like you.

I did not know, SmallWorld why individuals are fond of bikes, but why not check? And after a few days, having passed the Cambodian coast road charming, Climate sit a while in the city postcolonial Kampot and Kep less, finally Go through the suburbs of the Cambodian capital (wondering how much it must have imagination and sense of humor, to the dusty, of holes, sand and shingle, clogged blew entry road vehicles to the city called the Boulevard) stood before the gate SmallWorld.

Who is Tom? mine management that place girls left no illusions, he did not know what and who it. Somehow wore, they all know each other, work and generally know who is who… I can afford it go, no problem and I say, but there is no need. Villa, which houses the organization is large NGO, is in excess of the terrace, and in addition I may well have looked my eyes because I was allowed on the terrace while pomieszkać.

On the next day, however, the case is explained J. Previous owners of this place, Foreigners, were very cyclists and adventurers sometimes lent him a bicycle in the portal Warmshowers. And that Tavry with his brother runs the company, which organizes bike tours of Cambodia in accordance with the principles of responsible tourism. They are not intended to reckoning kilometers, but a meeting with the local population, know its habits, the kitchen, discuss with them their problems. This local initiative, through which people can earn some extra money while in Cambodia foreigner leave a little wiser. Unfortunately, I see, for me that the prices are prohibitive, but customers are mainly Americans and Australians. SmallWorld same place to support young Cambodians, who want to spin your own business. Before the house is always a few people sitting and staring at computer screens. Are there any free training and classes.

I am pleased to observe such initiatives in the country in which not so long ago it was impossible to think of any tourism, not to mention responsible tourism. Chora vision of Pol Pot, organizational leaders of the Khmer Rouge, to create the Cambodian communist country - utopia made, that his brother killed a brother and within a few years of civil war between 1974-1979 killed and died of starvation over 1/3 the country's population. The first one went to intelligence (analogous to the Katyn), within one day from the cities to the countryside displaced people to work on the role of. Torture, which resemble those used, used during the Holocaust in Europe. Why now you come to Phnom Penh? The main "attractions" are unfortunately field Ek Cheoung death and place of torture - Tuol Sleng, which can be compared to the Warsaw Pawiak. I visit them. Scary places and stories.

A few days later, I was suddenly faced with another social initiative. But after another.

Every day in the way that works like a ritual. Wake up before dawn, because how can you sleep, environment as a whole already on his feet? About a fifth of the temples are activated and good morning dose serve decibels of sound monotonous prayers interspersed monks muse. A monk muse should not be more delicate. People who fire scooters, pending before him food stalls, Time to take on the best spots on the road (Best Seat is usually at the supermarket, schools and the bus stop). Dogs barking in the dark on the ongoing carts people. Spurs scrape hoarse throat - no, is the moment of, when, Now as you can not prove?

At about 6.30 it is light it gets. Morning, pretty laid rites and I'm in about eight am on the way. ok, time for breakfast. The breakfast menu offers a set menu for dinner or dining-something kościsto-meat with rice or soup kluskową. There is ryżanka soup with meat insert called "bobo" and that I like the most. I include "bobo", can still look around for some snacks.. are best wrapped in banana leaves baked bananas with rice Whose adhesive so. „sticky rice”. OK, I have everything - go!

Morning warm-up dose "helołów" and greetings schoolchildren, which groups and individually bikes heading towards school. The next dose will be between 11tą and 13tą, when they have a break and largest after 16tej, when classes are going home. Meanwhile isolated "heloły" and "bajbaje" small toddlers, which are not yet of school age and spin through the backyards chasing chickens and playing for what will fall. Sometimes also for adults.

I shake my noon hour healthily, when it occurs lunch and siesta time. Though not tragically, but it is still hot, and for your own well-being of those hours in the shadow of the best przeleżeć, Like most Asian nations makes the most rocking and napping in hammocks. If you want to anything at this time to buy is often must begin by awakening seller. Well, just here to find a place in Cambodia, where you can relax, some free bench or shelter is not easy, a poor harvest is, but with a bit of luck to succeed.

To eat something again, sometimes passing glance assesses żarłodajnie. On the Cambodian province dominated by a system of "garnkowo-Flatbed" or government issued before pots of pub food. What you will learn in pots in turn raising the lid and stirring Lyche. When a dish visually passes the test- olfactory just show finger and is already on the table. And this delicious tea pitcher, It obviously residue French colonialism. Price about 1,5 dollars. Grin cook - always free.

About 15tej fires and burnishing bike again until the evening or about 18tej. In the vicinity of 17tej begin to look for an overnight.. Where will carry me tonight? Tent in a field, at school, at the temple and can simply guesthouse? It's almost always the great unknown.

This time I did not know, Why I went to find accommodation very blocky. Rebounded from a closed school gate, The monks also did not want me because I'm a woman. Then there was another school and Mr., waving clear head, that "there, because dangerously ".

There is nothing for no reason - I thought. I mean look guesthousu.

He was even quite quickly in a side street somewhere in the village. I would not spotted it myself Little, on 3 Rooms, simple, but neat.

After some time the door I hear voices, confusion, and finally heard a knock at the door.

Hmmm. It's almost seven evening I already outstanding in evening dress, of course, and it is not a dress. I open the door and I see my hostess, accompanied by groups of kids. He shows me a book to English, indicates the group, then at me and then at the Egyptian darkness, that extend behind our backs.

What? That you learn English out there, and I go with you? But now, at this time? After all, it is so dark! School has closed!

None of this do not understand, but I see, as several pairs of eyes staring at no suspense. I feel this tension, somewhere in the air hangs.

Well enough, I will go with you, just get changed – I answer all of the joy and almost jumping up.

What's going on??

We take the bikes and drive on a gravel road behind the house. I see a darkness, darkness! Go and no one besides me there is no any reflectors, but as you can see it does not bother anyone.

And suddenly - a building, full of children and adolescents benches. An eye 30 osób. They stare at me like extraterrestrial phenomenon.

What? That I have here supposed to teach??

No, in fact, offer he can not refuse. But what they are able to? What are the age?

The teacher explains, that this evening English classes for volunteers. Yep, School also have, but not too much. These activities are financed by the NGO, but I need a little pay. Not everyone is to become. And he can only teach here in the evenings, before there is no time.

The age span is very large, too high. In the group of six babies are eighteen-year and several of adolescents. How can we teach? But throw on the play and soon the children will be happy to repeat after me the words, although I have my doubts, whether they do so with the understanding. Repeating group here is the most common method of teaching, I often hear the chorus of litanies as I pass the school.

„I am Cambodian”! shout. „I am Polish!"Show at each other.

“Many Cambodians and one Polish!"And everyone laughs.

In the second bench sitting Pia. How old are you? I ask. Twelve. I like pizza! Corresponds. Where are you from and where you're going? boldly asks me a question. When we finish this school show with me as the main approaches, to have a little chat. Says, learns that much. It can be seen.

This is quite a small! I look at the girl, and I see myself in the same age. Assimilation absorbed decipher new words and simple English-language texts. Driving to a nearby Zelazowa Wola, the only place where I could listen to the live English. Then driving to Warsaw, to borrow English books. Book and cram for breakfast, dinner, dinner. These were not times internets and telewizjów, IPods, tablets and lying shelves kiosks English-language press. In the end, emigrating to start using those languages. Now, knowledge of foreign languages ​​helps me very much, and I believe, in the case of Pii is like. OK, stop. The end of this pisaniny and the bragging. End of reading – march to books! Learn! Travel!

ps. Please just do not go to SmallWorld to stay, because they send me an APB..

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    1. I now have a series of educational. Yesterday I spent some nights in the school and in the morning we had a lesson with young people, teachers asked and it was not forgive ;).

  1. Eve, This education,a great unplanned adventure.. Happy children learning, for which you are someone extraordinary….hm.. a dream. Shoot these kids, grateful because this topic. Emanate joy of life.

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