Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

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Sometimes I feel a bit like Mr. Dog. Mr. Dog revolves, przysiądzie your, lay there and nowhere warm in space. Merdnie tail shyly or joy or barks menacingly. He would like to sometimes someone fed and petted. He would like to have your comfortable doormat, which works out to sleep.

On the first day of Christmas, I could not find my wipers. I could not break free from the clattering sound of music. It looks like, the whole Thailand, every other house in the city and on the road turned into a joyful disco. Bass rumbling vibration setting in the ground and air. I got back to the city of Trat and some I already knew the local angles. I knew, where I can sleep, but all three spots - two parks and a gas station also suddenly became a disco. I thought, it's a total stupid as to circulate instead of just rent a room, cheap here yet, but think about it, so now I have to look for a night the room was still flex more tiring. In contrast to the life of the Lord Dog is my choice, but sometimes you have quite a Dog. That day, I wanted to be your convenient doormat.

The holidays would not want our emotions most commonly They fall. Memories. Sometimes good, sometimes not. I like this time, although it was not always sweet. I love the Polish Christmas carols and I miss them here.

No, not yet caught up with me Christmas blues, I'm fine, but anyway They'll get at the least expected moment and compress the throat. Maybe the reason is, that it buzzes over my ear TV Christmas slurry feeding przesłodką. All happy and all happy running to the store for Kasia margarine to bake it the world's cutest cake on christmas table. Even you will get a piece of dog, because at midnight speak with a human voice, and could retract! Przearomatyczną sipping coffee cake brand one way or another and run after unpack the perfect gifts.

Yesterday I read on someone's manifesto fejsbuku "We are proud to celebrate the holidays with no respect for the, who do. I am against capitalism, which destroys the world, "Do something.

I do not care, I do not care that someone holidays. For half of the population of the globe (This is my supposition) the last days of December is a day like any other. There is no such obligation, though the world around seems to scream so, it is the duty of a smile on his face stretching, assumptions Claus hats and purchase thousands of "necessary" things. Even here, in Thailand, country, where Christians are probably a fraction of a percent of the population, Catholic churches are within 500 miles of each other and Christmas is NOT a day off from work around screaming "They're coming holidays! Buy a TV! Merry Christmas!". Cars passing me-roar stalls which hits me Christmas. „Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way .. "but a horse with a row ago, who's seen the sleigh and snow. Who ever saw them. In supermarkets sellers are adorned in a red cap with white pompom. Merry Christmas - I hear. Merry Christmas - Answer. Nobody bothered this, it's time for spiritual and family time. Do not worry, I do not expect to find it on the shelves of spirituality and marketing, I am aware of treatments, but it touches me, if one equates the handling of Christmas and capitalism while declaring respect for these, who do. Nonsense. Bullshit. There's a hint of respect. Is it because, I was on holidays in the church I went there to give tribute to capitalism?

From the morning before the cathedral in Chanthaburi on Christmas Eve takes a great festival. It is the largest church in Thailand, the legacy of the French kolonizatorach. Here, on the east coast of the country gathered at many Catholic refugees from Vietnam, China and Cambodia, Now is also quite numerous in the citizens of other countries. Tourists and
often you, who spend the autumn of his life in the company of new, young wives of Thailand. Looking at these pairs I am not able to believe in love at first, or even second glance.

Please festival, ongoing competitions, arrives people, arrives garbage. But quite surprisingly in front of the 21-±, when it is expected to begin mass megaphones stalls silent and curl. The square in front of the church come alive again after midnight, when the silence of the night bells resound, Fireworks explode, lights come on a huge Christmas tree and the people and priests before the church made a wish. The silence is, that I was lucky enough to be here at this time, of the sky more than a year ago in the Philippines, when it Christmas Eve night for me was a chore.

I sit at the table the day before Christmas Eve. In the evening I get to a small village, at the entrance to the last event .. Christmas Eve. How do I, where I was going.. a, that night? It can be done here as - I hear. Or not - in my house! Kat shouts resolute, as it turns out businesswoman after 50tce. I choose her house, which is located in the middle of durian orchards and crops of rubber.

Well me on this farm. Mam to, What I like most - peace of mind, silence, is water and even food itself came in the form of a lady on motorku, in which half of the cart redeem stocks. Kat says, I stay as I want, and even tempt me, but it is Christmas Eve, want to go 20 miles further to Chanthanburi. Goodbye Kat friendly and go.

And although the church was not the place for me I slept well on a roadside petrol station, also where we could see the fireworks. Mr. Dog and get enough sleep, and wags its tail. Although it poświątecznie - Happy and Merry Christmas!

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  1. EWA , often I look in here and after reading half of this text, I felt a little sad / how you used the metaphor // ” Lord Dog”//, so that the fight against adversity everyday – but you give advice and you will always find a way out of a difficult situation…

    1. Stanislaw, sometimes the sun, sometimes Sad.
      Most, however, is psiejsko-magically like a dog would say Pankracy.

  2. Eve, is not the first Christmas outside your Polish is sure to get you now easier. Zatęskniłaś itself the pastorales ,, because it is indeed a good part of Christmas., I had the impression this year, that somewhere in this festive atmosphere blurred…. Maybe this lack of snow, They may lack toddlers and Nicholas visits, maybe … maybe…. I understood what wisdom lies in this saying:
    ” holidays, Christmas and After Christmas” – you could write a philosophical treatise.
    I wish you all the best on the occasion of Eva days following holidays. If you did not know- Kevin is home alone in New York and also showed us TV. What does the power of tradition….
    All the best for you and your faithful friend a bicycle in the New Year.
    I think of you more or less systematically, but I think.

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