Coron, the island of Busuanga

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Ferry to Coron sailed on 18 and had to be in place the next day at 12, Consequently, soon at 18 arrived at port. Hard to wonder why, Here is the time a Filipino that is generally the Spanish manana.

As part of a so-called spoiled we bought. room AirCon and almost as soon as we went to we left to deck bunks. There is, not that we do not like air conditioning, but also there was somewhat noisy group of parents with little ones, who also like this is luxury also wanted. On the upper deck TV was screaming. Filipinos are cheerful and thirsty nation for any sound. Generally, from morning to night, something is howling ... it may be a stereo (Modern Talking at breakfast? Why not!) and it may be a person performing the local variation of karaoke called the Philippines videoke. Videoke bars are in each, village. Coming out of there torments of girls pretending Whitney Huston or would be young men imitating Rod Stewart (American top hits of all time ..) to assist the area with decent amps. Let everyone hears and admires!

Our ferry as it turned out was mainly ferry carrying loads (as I have learned it is often horned cattle, but this time we were more nutritive Lajb potatoes and other carrots) (a) on the main Board was set side by side rows of beds. Not bad at all on them, I must say slept there nicely wile a breeze ruffled our hair in a romantic rapture. Well no, unfortunately it ended up being too good for me because I coagulated neatly in the sense of health and I had to snatch what-bit 3-kilogram stockpiles, in which the advice of a colleague Peter K. zanabyłam. I have therefore now only 2,9 kg of drugs and so on goes the baggage I will reduce significantly. Today, however, I have already much better.

In the morning we got breakfast that is. rice with boiled egg for lunch and given a set of the same, ie. rice, but the second component was a sausage. We did not complain, because our food supplies were almost zero, Rice a gift, therefore we do not say "no!"!

In the port on the island of Coron Busuanga while I was recovering from the breakneck wysiadce łajby after some board for Zochy lokals spoke, as it turned out, the Chinese origin. It has the best hotel in town, but tells us that out of friendship because (in principle, only Zocha's) well with the eyes looking and he knows what it's like to be such a tourist budget. well with the eyes looking and he knows how it feels to be such a budget tourist. And explain what and where and how. it was a miracle to get there in the darkness . Hotel "the best in town" had something actually priceless i.e.. central location. After seeing the room, we were under the impression that their, Chinaman that zaproponowałyśmy, that will spread tents on the porch. Even that did not surprised him (and why it should?) and we had a joy with this, that he tells everyone about it. Chinese with a royal name of William was also the owner of a a hole called restaurant (I quote Zocha "paint these walls is not seen in decades"), in which we ate "the greatest hamburger in town" with "the coldest beer". Located on the island of Coron, Busuanga, of course,.

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