Angkor with many faces

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A tourist from China welcomed grabs a rock and poses for photos. After a while they do the same thing reeling with laughter her friends. The stone is sizable and looks at a piece of temple sculptures. Armpits fun.

Welcome to the ancient city of Angkor, the capital of the Khmer. One of the oldest and largest temple complexes in the world. One of the seven wonders of the world which is under the auspices of UNESCO World Heritage. Place - the legend.

A few days ago, was arrested here three young Frenchmen, who did take pictures naked in one of the temples. They were burdened with large fines and expelled from Cambodia. Although many.

Before entering the temple almost every surrounds me, As any foreigner coming through here a bunch of children. You can tell - assault with a postcard in hand! Sell ​​cards / books / bracelets / other. Only one dollar! I bought it from them already, but I am surprised to be looking at a book about the temples of Angkor - nicely delivered is worth much more. Children reside around the temples, there can be seen hanging hammocks and small farms - it's their way to earn money and I get the impression, it also entertainment. Maybe I need a cold water? For sure I'm thirsty and I need. Or maybe something to eat - surely you're hungry madam! Girl holds my hand and pulls. Each soup-kitchen has its traps, and maybe that's why fried rice costs here.. 5 dollars. In a moment, the price drops to 3, but it did not decide, usually pay three times less. They are very poor, and I know, it was probably the only way to earn money, but it irritates me, that allows them to trade and adults around the temples, and not before entering their premises. Are they anything at all are able here to sell? All tourists drive off from them like flies, sometimes fall some unpleasant exchange of views, ence because they do not irritate the way when someone does not want to leave you alone. I wonder, or if these things simply lay on stands alone, it would be easier to approach, have a look, maybe something to buy, and so on.. But here it is and here's Asia Cambodia – many things are different dimension and in my opinion a little stands on his head.

I meet an older Dutch cycling. No, not traveling now, but operates at a borehole wells in Cambodia - access to water is essential for survival in every latitude. Some time ago I did the hole for one of the many orphanages in the country. He is gone, faded into oblivion, building stands empty. Children and orphanages.. a lot of them in Cambodia and, unfortunately, have also become a way of easy money for richer and smarter. Circulating such a small group of kids for a few months, year, wins the money to help them, place closes and disappears. Foreigners always have mercy on the fate of the Cambodian child and leave some dollars. Children are returning to their villages. In this way, is totally unknown, who can be trusted and bring relief to, where it is really needed. Before deciding to help should be carefully checked the place and its history.

"Machu Picchu is a pile of stones and trimmed lawns" - I read this very controversial opinion somewhere just before a visit to the temples of Angkor complex. Everyone is entitled to his opinion. I was in Peru, I did not know Machu pikczu, but the scale of the monument is comparable so I wonder if in a moment I will not think the same.

However, I do not think so. Apparently I, what to expect, but the moment, I see on the horizon towers of Angkor temples largest - Angkor Wat is unforgettable. This place is a legend, after all, and I now see the legend for yourself. The size of the temple is impressive.

Przewalające through crowds of visitors do not do to me until such an impression, although it is by far the most crowded and international place I visited during my trip so far. I was expecting them and I make the crowd itself. After all, this is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, which annually attracts about 2 million tourists. I gave myself the famous sunrise in front of the temple of Angkor Wat, which attracts hundreds of tourists every morning – I'm not a lark and the sunrises will admire the sunsets, to have a luxury room (wydębiłam a great discount) in an oasis of peace and tranquility gueshousie Snow River which is hard for me to move. I set off to explore the most about noon when the heat is cast out of the temples of many visitors and stuck to dusk. Circulation through the corners of the building, and in many places there is nobody there but me. At least for a while :). Monumentalny Angkor Wat, stone temple with many faces – Bayon and finally overrun by the jungle, this famous Phrom – there I like the most.

Inwestuję 40 dollars in ticket 3 day which allows me to be in no hurry. I know, watch that its most important temples in one day is possible, but you prostrate with fatigue. A few days allows for getting lost in międzyświątynnych paths.

A visit to Siem Reap is for me not only explore the Angkor temples, but the first of my trip, navigated weeks (Beata, I really do not know where I'll be at the end of January) meeting with a colleague from Polish. Long chatting and panniers credited fresh supply of products. But you had to say goodbye, well, because in the morning you have to get up early again to work .... The route you need to move! Prościutko on the northern border, I pass the place where he unexpectedly criminal Pol Pot's cremation and back to the land of my beloved green papaya salad or as-tam.

Welcome back Tajlandio. I have for you a whole two months.

ps. And a few pictures of Angkor “from the kitchen”

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  1. Eve:
    Firstly, I hope,that all who are here already look it in the contest gave voice to your blog and also mobilized to the family and friends. Just a few hours to hours 10 Tuesday and still can podziałać.Tym more, that the transmission of text messages in seconds.
    Secondly – describe obviously very interesting temples Angkoru.i praise for enlightening the ignorant ( Here I point to each other ), but przemknęłaś too briefly after meeting with a colleague from Polski.To yet also the matter of the utmost importance, meet someone “his” in the Far East. How did this happen? How long przegadałyście? What she did there colleague? Dodge the veil of secrecy.

    1. I look, apropos friend – Beata came to less than 2 weeks with my daughter and her friend to Cambodia, we were in contact and we managed to rip terms, though not an easy thing to me… In fact, we saw a few times in my life on an expedition Crotos, we met more time talking to fejsbuku. It was nice to go out in the evening to eat and talk, and I'm thankful for bringing Beata me a few things from the Polish.

  2. Now I know where Beata in Cambodia, Poles probably are not many in those regions.
    But write Eve- where to look for the results of the competition and when blogging?
    Science, that for me, and so you are on the first place, regardless of the official version.

  3. I look, ja jestem wzruszona jak czytam takie słowa 😉
    Yep, competition ended yesterday, decent place, but on Top 10 I see there was no chance.. touched me the most, however, the involvement and support of many people, for example,. Your. Thank you!
    More wrote in the previous, “design blog post”.

  4. Ewa, how you do it? I admire your jam, writing, traveling solo, so much time and so persistently, hold on, You are Great

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